Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wyatt has grown so much

Although I guess that happens when you don't post any pictures for two months or so. Oops. I am not doing very good at documenting his little life. I have filled out only the information in his baby book that I could have filled out before he was born, I accidentally missed taking his two month photos (just in the little onesie with the month on it), and I have begun lacking in marking milestones on his calendar.
Well, before I lose these photos from my camera I have decided I need to post them.
I have decided for ease of reading I will divide my 100 photos into different posts. Here is Wyatt's first bath. We have a tummy tub. I must admit, it is not the easiest to use with a floppy newborn. Once Wyatt gained head control it became much easier to use. With head control or not, Wyatt loves it. He loves having the warm water up to his chest instead of a traditional tub where only his feet would be submerged.
Also, don't look at the gross bathroom. We haven't remodeled that room yet.