Saturday, July 24, 2010


Friday, July 23, 2010


I feel much better now. Two good things happened.
1. I went to the book store with Sparky. I found the BEST book ever. Don't walk... RUN to your nearest book store to check out this beauty:
Just in case the awkward photo on the cover isn't good enough how about these?
Can anyone explain this huge sofa, and why no one wants to sit on it?
Besides the fact that my sister has a photo nearly IDENTICAL to this one, I love that the crotch of her panty hose is sticking out.
Do you need a good laugh right now? Head over to Awkward Family Photos. Look for my family in the matching dresses and my dad in the matching tie.

 2. A wonderful stranger from The Bump Adoption board was able to send me the fee schedule for one of the agencies I was leaning towards. After hearing the fee schedule for Adoption Network Law Center... anything sounds great!
She sent me the fee schedule for Adoption Support Center out of Indianapolis. MUCH better.
I called them and they are not willing to work with us until we have been married a year. Not bad. I was afraid they would require something like 5 years. That would be horrible.
So, my new idea is to wait until January 1st (oh who am I kidding, I will probably call them December 22) to sign with them. They say they have an average wait time of 9-10 months. That would give us about a year from now before being matched, to save money. Even if we do a horrible job of saving, I am not too concerned.
The total fees added up to about $18,000. After the adoption tax credit of $13,000 it only leaves us $5,000. Well, I happen to be finishing my master's degree right now which will increase my salary buy guess how much... you guessed it! $5,000. Clearly, this is the choice we are supposed to make.

I don't know...

I don't know if I can wait. Logically, waiting another year before signing with an agency makes perfect sense. We would be able to save money and not get as big of a loan. But my heart is pulling me so strongly it feels like it will burst out of my chest. I can't wait another year. I have been waiting forever. I waited to find someone good enough to marry. He made me wait a year while engaged before we got married. I waited 6 months before telling my Dr. something more than endometriosis was wrong with me. I am tired of waiting.
I know my wait pales in comparison to some other people's waits, but it is still horrible. Right now I don't really care if I get into debt and have a loan to pay for the rest of my life if I could have a baby. I don't know what to do. Waiting sucks.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sparky was up at his parents' house for the last week painting the outside of their house. He didn't think it was a good idea to have his parents up on a two story ladder trying to paint in the heat. I agreed.
I had a lot of trouble sleeping while he was gone. I think it is because I was doing extra research while he was gone. Because Sparky was not there to distract me, I sat for hours on the computer and with books looking up adoption information. I was overwhelmed by the financial aspect.
It costs an average of $25,000 to do a domestic infant adoption (cost varies greatly depending on the agency). Please remember, the fee is NOT to pay for the baby it is to cover advertising to find birth parents, salary of the staff members of the agency, advertising Sparky and I to appeal to a birth mom, legal fees, paper work processing, etc.
If Sparky and I were to find a birth mom on our own, we would only have to pay for a home study and for the legal work, about $3,000 total.

When Sparky and I looked at what we make and how we could pay for an agency, we quickly saw that with the help of the adoption tax credit we could pay for an adoption in a year. What we did not think about were all of the extra expenses.

I plan on using cloth diapers, so the only extra expense there will be energy to run the washer/dryer, detergent, and water.
For a while I was under the delusion that my mom would provide free child care because she lives about two blocks away, and we had always talked about it. Apparently that isn't in the plan. I completely understand from her perspective, because who wants to finally retire just to get tied down to the responsibility of providing child care? Not me. Not her either. But from my perspective it sucks.
We are fortunate that Sparky works in a building that has child care available for newborns up to age five. It costs about $120 a week for infants. We are hoping that they will give us a discount since he works in the building, but I am doubtful.
So that adds an additional $480 fee to each month that I was not planning on.
We also will need to buy formula because I do NOT react well to hormones. Part of our decision to adopt is because we don't want to make my body do what it clearly was not designed to do (carry a baby). Obviously, I am not designed to create milk either so that will be on average $105 a month for formula. Yuck.

I do not want to have to worry about paying back a loan at the same time as creating additional funds for new baby expenses. Don't get me wrong, I think we could do it, but it would be easier not to take out a loan for the adoption. Or at least not for the entire thing.

Our tentative plan... since it changes about every week... is to do our own marketing for the next year by word of mouth while we save money for the expenses of an agency. We hope to save up $20,000 or more so we are not worried about money when we finally get a baby. With the agency we like there is only a 2.5 month waiting list anyway, so it shouldn't be too bad. (At least that is what I keep telling myself.)

So now we wait. And save.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I've Been Busy

***Edited in Pink for accuracy***

I have gone full speed ahead on creating the nursery. I painted the top 2/3 of the room white, the bottom 1/3 green and then painted a 3" thick brown stripe where the two colors meet. Then I repainted all of the trim because it was gross. I painted the tree from a post below on the wall instead of paying for a vinyl cutout (I am thrifty) and I painted part of a monogram on another wall. I only know my future child's last name (duh) so I only have an "S" in the frames. I am eagerly waiting to add the other two letters.
I used my grandma's old opaque projection machine known as a "magic lantern." I printed the tree and the letter S from the computer and just stuck the piece of paper under the contraption. It then projected the image on the wall. Much handier than an overhead projector, which requires plastic sheets, and not as cool as a modern projector from the computer, which requires lots of money to buy.
I traced the pictures onto the wall with pencil, then filled it in with brown paint. Because of the pencil, as I panted the wall got smudgy. So painted one coat of the brown. The first coat didn't look good. So I added another coat. Most of the tree looked good with two coats, but some areas needed yet another coat of paint. THEN I had to go back with white paint to cover up the pencil smudges. It was very tedious, but I think it turned out great.
I am not adding any pictures yet because I want it all done first.
My mom and sister took me shopping today in Indy and my mom bought a crib and mattress for me/future baby and I bought a dresser that doubles as a changing table. My wonderful parents drove the furniture to my house, carried it upstairs for me, and assembled it.
Now I am just waiting for the crib skirt... and the corner looks a little bare.

So while thinking about all of this adoption stuff my mind instantly went to school. Naturally. And I thought about the most common thing students are asked to do in school. Make a family tree. Now, I generally ask for this because I am nosy and I want to know about all of the kid's home lives. I want to know if they live with their parents, and if their parents are divorced, or if they have 16 brothers and sisters. (Making a family tree actually covers several Indiana Academic Standards, I don't do things purely for entertainment value...often.) But in upper elementary, middle school, and high school we were asked to make family trees to learn more about our heritage. This made me wonder what my future child will fill in. Will s/he fill in Sparky and me on his/her tree? Will s/he want to write his/her birthmother and biological father?
My sister assured me that worrying about filling in a family tree was not something to stress over at this point since I do not have a child, have not signed with an agency, or had the home study. But she was sure a book or the internet could help solve the problem when the time comes. Not that I am stressing, I just want to know.
Well, today, I found the answer. Here. The answer for primary grades is easy. The child will fill in my name and Sparky's name. We will be his/her parents. The suppliers of love, routine, discipline, food, water, shelter, etc.
In the second half of the article the author has supplied the Adoptive Family Tree.
The author says, "The first family gives the child roots, while the child's adoptive family forms the branches and new growth." I like it. I feel better now. Problem solved.

I will get back to you with pictures of the finished nursery. It should be done very soon. :o)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I bought bedding and I'm moving on... kinda

I went to target today to see if they had the different coordinating pieces so I could hold them up to each other to see if they match in real life.
Well... I found something even better!!!!
This 3-piece crib set (meaning I still need to buy the crib skirt) was on clearance! Only $45!!! Can you believe it? I was bummed that it came with the "comforter" instead of the crib skirt, but it isn't really a comforter. It is actually a padded floor thing. Cool. Here it is:
I don't know why it doesn't show the crib skirt, because it is shown in the picture on the actual bedding I got (hince me thinking it came with one, I need to learn how to read). Anyway, I think it will look great in the room. I went ahead and bought an extra sheet in case they sell out (because I am sure there is a mad rush on dotted crib sheets). I also got a green sheet saver so I can match greens for the room. Everything in the isle was the same green hue and the sheet saver was also on clearance for $5. Yay me!!

So now that we can move on for a little bit... I completed a project this evening. I have blisters on my poor little fingers to prove it!
A while ago I bought a huge empty picture frame at Hobby Lobby. It was originally $50 on sale for $14. So I then bought some cheap muslin fabric and some tiny little eye hooks for about a dollar. I had my wonderful dad cut a piece of wood for me and created this:
A jewelry organizer!!!! I used to have everything tacked to the wall in my closet, but it didn't look so nice and I figured it would be difficult to move someday to a new house. So I took it all down and put it some jewelry holder thing. And that ended the regular rotation of the jewelry I wear.

I love being able to see everything and pick out new pieces to wear! I think it looks great in my closet.

Now my project list consists of:
Make a Christmas 2009 picture frame with a picture in it (important to add with my sister and me, we tend to have empty frames)
Make a book with my wedding pictures (oh yeah, I finally got the disk in the mail)
Consolidate all of the random pictures I have stored by either putting them into albums, or scanning them into the computer and making a digital book. I will most likely just get an album and call it a day.
Incorporate "beach theme" into my bathroom and/or bedroom to use some of my wedding decorations and get them out of the future nursery.
Throw away t-shirt quilt pieces. (Let's be honest... I am never going to actually make it. Even if I did, what would I do with it? I am not going to display it on my bed. I like my current bedding too much.)
Frame old Time magazines of Kennedy family (i.e. Jackie)
Move bookshelf to hallway
Modify clothes hamper to fit a smaller space
(((((apparently I LOVE parenthesis today!)))

More Options

I could to coordinating pieces instead of a bedding set, which would probably be smarter anyway...
I could use this breathable bumper (to reduce SIDS risk):
This fitted sheet with blue, green, pink, and brown dots:
And this crib skirt in brown and white stripes:
All from target. If I got all of this plus another sheet it would be $60.96. Nice price.
Also, I know the crib skit may be a bit much at first, but it is mostly hidden by the crib due to the design of it.

Bedding Debacle

I am an idiot and didn't look at the price of the bedding I originally picked for the green nursery. It is about $239. WAY too much for my beer budget.
So I had to begin my search for some new gender neutral bedding with green in it so I didn't have to change everything else about the nursery plan. Again.
So here is what I found:
I can get the four piece set for cheap-ish. Is it too boyish? I thought the scalloped bedskirt helped make it more feminine in case it needs to be. And of course, as a teacher, I like the alphabet. But it still isn't a "theme" because I don't like those. The dots and bubbles help make it less of a theme and more about color. What do you think?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nursery Choice- Round IV

I am going to need to stop keeping track of rounds soon, I only know so many Roman Numerals!
Apparently my mom must have seen the movie The Birds recently because she doesn't like the birds in the room. But she does like the initials (whatever they will be).
So here we go again:
Paint- Green, white, black
Shelves- made from gutters
Furniture- Baby Mod from Walmart
Bedding and window- Harlow print by Cocalo Coture from
Tree- Etsy
Initials- black paint
Picture frames- already have black frames in my closet.

How about this one? I love feedback!!!

Nursery Choice- Round III

After taking into consideration all of your suggestions here is the next nursery design I came up with:

You will notice I have used the green color, bedding, and window treatment from choice B and the furniture from choice A.
The decals incorporate the tree and birds from choice A with the simplicity of silhouettes.
Decals from Etsy. Birds on a wire and tree.

You can see on the close-up that the birds on the tree are green. I like it. I may get the birds on the wire in green, then paint the wire with black or charcoal to match the tree trunk, but I am not sure.

Any more thoughts? Suggestions? Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care?
Let me know please! I am ready to start painting!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nursery Choices- Round II

Choice A:
Wall color is a light blue.
From the left-
Three rectangles next to the door are gutter bookshelves. Like these, but shorter:
On top of the door to the closet is one wallpaper bird from Romp:
Romp also makes the Wallpaper Tree and the Wallpaper Monkey. I see absolutely no reason why this cannot be done as a DIY project with old wallpaper or with scrapbook paper. Much cheaper.

Next is the Baby Mod crib with matress from Walmart (it actually has good reviews!). The crib changes into a toddler bed, a day bed, and a full sized bed frame:

On the other wall is the matching changing table and dresser. The changing table changes into a regular dresser. Although it looks small to me, so maybe it becomes more of a side table for the full bed.

I have not actually found a green roman shade for the window, but they are relatively easy to make with some dowel rods, string, and plastic circles.
The final wall has a power line that I drew. I would like to do this in a similar fashion as the tree. The birds are from the set from Romp, just arranged along the power lines. These could be painted, or maybe I could use black string to make it more 3-D.
OR maybe it is dumb to make a power line and I could just use the wallpaper bird cutouts above the changing table in a square pattern with one missing.

For this room I would use a white breathable bumper, these sheets from Serena & Lily with the matching bed skirt. 

Choice B:
Starts off with the same gutter book shelves.
The bed is Stork Craft.I am not a huge fan of this crib. It is okay. It also changes into a toddler bed, day bed, and full sized bed frame. Stork Craft does not have great ratings, but the bed is cheap.
The matching dresser/hutch is also made by Stork Craft. It requires you to mount the hutch to the wall to keep it upright. Doesn't sound too safe.

The wall art picture frames and swirls to match the bedding are vinyl things from Etsy. But I could very well paint these myself.

I like the Harlow bedding by Cocalo Couture.
Let me know which you like better!! I am split. I don't particularly care for the furniture with Choice B, but I like everything else. I like everything with Choice A.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions

My mom and dad know some people who just adopted an adorable baby girl. So my mom called them to see which agency they used. Guess what. They didn't use an agency! They used

wait for it

wait for it


They sent out a message to everyone they know, letting them know that they wanted to adopt and to think of them if they know anyone who has an unplanned pregnancy and is considering doing an adoption plan.
Four months later they got a phone call about someone in the northern part of the state. Two months after that, the woman gave birth and they got to take the little girl home.
They saved a TON going this route. It was about $1500 for the homestudy and about $1200 for the legal documents. That really beats the $25000+ adoption agencies charge.
So Sparky and I have decided to give it a try for the next six months and see what happens. We will send out a message to everyone we know on facebook and wait around for the next six months. If we haven't heard anything by then, I will have time to finish my master's degree and then we can pick an agency.

Who knows, maybe this first round of climid etc worked (by miracle) and we won't need to go through any of this...

Nursery Choices

I have been thinking a lot about the nursery I want to create. I cannot make up my mind. Do I want to go with white furniture for a light and airy feeling? Or dark wood for a rich warm feeling?
Do I want a regular dresser/changer or one with a hutch for additional storage... hmmm
So I put together some choices I am thinking of right now.
The first one, that I am leaning more towards right now, is inspired by this room:

I would use the Serena & Lilly Ben Collection for the bedding. Or maybe some linen looking crib set that I haven't found yet because the Ben collection is very boy-ish

Pottery Barn Kendall crib and dresser/changer.

I would like to put white wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall (I can fake it with some trim and paint) and do a faux linen painting technique on the top half to make it look like tan, beach colored fabric.

Then I want to do something interesting on the ceiling since that is what the baby stares at all the time. I like this:
Obviously it would be on the ceiling and not the wall. It brings together the white from the wainscoting and the tan from the faux linnen and introduces a pretty blue.
I would like to use this same blue for accents, like curtains.
My storyboard isn't working cooperatively right now, so you will have to use your imagination to put it all together.

And here is the polar opposite. The inspiration room is this:
I love the monogram above the crib, and the wall color, and the chair rail. 
I prefer this crib and changer with hutch:

Aren't they pretty? Look at all the storage! And the bed changes into a toddler bed and a full sized bed.
And I like two different bedding choices here.
Choice A:
Choice B:
I don't think there would be any ceiling painting for this nursery. It would be way too much.

That's all for now! What do you like the best? Doing this for either a boy or a girl would be so much more fun. Oh well.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

There is a place way out of the way... where there is no guarantee of running water... or flushing toilets. But you will always find friends and family, or is it friends who have become family? You might be required to walk down broken steps, and there might not be lights to guide you back to your car at night. But it doesn't matter. The cabin on the lake was purchased by family friends years ago, from (I can't believe I remember this) a little old lady who kept her porcelain doll collection on the wonderful ledge above the closet in the kids room.
Of course, we turned this doll-ledge into a fort. Amy and I spent hours upon hours on that unfinished space in our imaginations. It was our tree house...our shipwrecked island...a boat...a castle apartment in the city.
The ledge no longer exists. In fact, the kids room is not the temporary entrance into the cabin. But I cannot walk through that space without the echos of my childhood ringing in my ears.
Yesterday, Sparky and I walked through the time-warp and into a new era. The NEW cabin.
The cabin has been in the process of renovations for two years. We laughed as we recalled the owner's promise of it being finished last Fourth of July. Ha! It still isn't done. Unless you like that exposed wire/insulation/framing stud look.
They have added onto the back of the place to create two new bedrooms and a new master bath upstairs, and a new kitchen, half bath, utility room, and living room downstairs. It is quite a change from the two bedroom, one bath cabin with about 2 square feet of counter space in the living room/dining room/kitchen combo.
We might have all gotten older, and we no longer have a raised fort to play in (although I am sure KDB could build us one) but one thing that has not changed is the feeling of family out at the lake. Everyone pitches in and brings food. When inquiring about recipes, they were nearly all from someone else in the group. Why mess with a good thing?
We spent the day relaxing on the new patio, with old friends, new magazines, in old chairs. We went for a boat ride in the old boat (just broken in) to look at all of the new houses on the old lake.
We were missing some important people yesterday, but other plans sometimes get in the way. I look forward to more weekends at the lake to spend time with the people who weren't there.
The fireworks were spectacular. For the first time, we were able to watch from the patio instead of the dock. Being able to see the fireworks in the sky and reflected in the water was amazing. Twice as good.

And this was followed up with today's experience. We went to Madison to the boat regatta again. It was hotter than hell. Literally. I thought I was going to spontaneously combust in the heat. If you know me in real life, you know that I do not deal with heat well. I am not sure if it is the heat that bothers me so much, but the humidity. I was so hot I don't really remember what happened.
Sparky assures me that I had on my "grumpy pants."

Then I got home... and I got the mail from yesterday, because I am on top of stuff like that. And I had a letter from my school corporation, letting me know what school I am going to be in next year.
I think I must just be having a bad day. I burst into tears. I don't want to change schools. But I do, for new experiences. I don't know what grade I will teach. I don't know the people there. What if they don't like me? (Because I am 3 years old.)
So I have to call my new school tomorrow to see if I need to start researching the standards for a new grade level or if I can just plan ahead for one of the ones I actually have taught before. I am nervous.

Friday, July 2, 2010

And so it begins....

Shortly after my posting extravaganza yesterday I received a phone call. It was from an adoption agency.
I had posted on facebook that I was done with trying to have a biological child and asked if anyone had any information about domestic adoption. One of my friends sent me a link to the adoption agency that she is going to be using in a few months. I checked out the site, it looked good, and I clicked on the little link to receive more information in the mail.
I assumed they would send me a pamphlet.
They called. The lady began by telling me more about their company:
They placed over 300 children last year.
Their average wait time is 2.5 months. (whoa)
     I interrupted her to ask what that meant. Does the wait time begin now? Or after paperwork is completed?   
     Or after the home-study is done? I think it means after paper work is done, before home-study. She said
     they place prospective parents on the website before the home-study is done and they just mark it with
     "home-study pending."
They do extensive medical background checks on all potential birth mothers.

Then she started asking me questions about Sparky and I. How long have we been married? How long have we been together? How tall is he? How old? What does he weigh? How old am I? How tall am I? What do I weigh? Why do we want to adopt? Do we have a preference on gender? Do we have a racial preference?

Most of the questions were easy, because I am ridiculous and plan way to much. Of course I have already thought of all of this stuff. I don't care about gender, I can't plan that anyway. I told her I was undecided on race. I think I have been so bombarded by political correctness that I didn't want to sound racist and say I want a Caucasian baby. I have now made up my mind and will tell them that I want a Caucasian child because, although I am fine with everyone knowing we adopted, I don't want everyone that walks past us in the mall to stamp "adopted" on my child's head.
I know Sparky and I won't be able to look for our own physical traits in our child, but I want some sort of resemblance, even if it is just skin color. Call me shallow, I don't care.
Actually, I do care. If you have something negative to say about my choice... go somewhere else. I don't need negative people in my life.

She then told me we needed to schedule a phone interview/adopting 101. We have a phone conference set up for Wednesday, July 10th at 3:00. Don't call me then.
She reiterated that it is VERY important for us to keep this appointment and if something interferes, we need to call and reschedule because failure to make this appointment will count against us in the adoption process.
She told me that a packet will be arriving via UPS and I needed to look at the questionnaire, answer all of the questions, because it would prepare us for the phone interview. It will also help us determine if we have any questions for the other lady.

I went outside and told Sparky all of this information. He had to put his eyes back into his head and pick his jaw up off the floor. We all know he does not move quickly on major decisions. He kinda sputtered a little bit but is on board. I have been asking him relentlessly if this is all okay with him for about two weeks, and he assured me he is good with adoption. He just wasn't prepared for it all to go so quickly. Neither was I!

Then he admitted to me that he was concerned about me having a baby myself anyway.
Oh. Well, that would have been nice to know about six months ago before I started all this fertility crap. But, whatever.
He is concerned because I am on anti-depressants. The anti-depressant bottle very clearly says "do not take while pregnant."  I looked into it further and it says, do not take during the third trimester. He doesn't think it would be good for me to be off of them for a trimester, or for the fetus to be exposed to them at all. He is probably right. Who knows what side-effects they could have on a fetus. And we know I would need to be locked in a padded room if I didn't have my anti-depressants and was hormonal from the pregnancy. So this is just another reason why adoption is so much better for us!

So here comes the hard part. We do not make a lot of money since we are both teachers. Adoption is very expensive. On top of that, it is recommended that we have a nursery set up before prospective birth mothers look at us because one reason birth mothers are looking to place their child for adoption is to be able to give their child a better life than they could provide. An empty room is not appealing. A complete nursery ready for the baby we don't even have, to show the birth mother that we can provide more, is much more desirable.So I need to put together a nursery, for little money, because we need to save to pay for the adoption fees. (Anyone want to help out with this?!) :O)

The lady from the agency was also excited that we are both teachers. A lot of birth mothers want their child to have a stay-at-home mom because it is either something they wanted for themselves or wish they could provide for their child. Since we are teachers, we would BOTH be able to spend all summer with our child, they know we love kids, our background check is clear, and would put education first.

Anyway, I am very excited and looking forward to getting the packet in the mail.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ferlitily Nonsense

On June 24th I went to the doctor as directed to check on how the Clomid and Estradiol worked. I went in for an ultrasound. I was under the impression (incorrectly) that this ultrasound would be through my tummy. Boy was I wrong! You can just use your imagination.

The ultrasound technician was very nice, but it was still uncomfortable. My right ovary had one follicle on it that measured about 24.9mm. That's it. Only one. From The Bump, I was reading other people on these drugs and they had many many follicles. I only have one. I suppose I should be happy that I have at least one!!
For those who don't know: A follicle is on the ovary and it is where the little egg develops. The larger the follicle the larger the egg (I think). When there is an HCG surge the follicle ruptures and releases the egg down the fallopian tubes.

The ultrasound tech was unable to find my left ovary for a long time. What the??? I know I have one. I had a laparoscopy and no one mentioned it was missing, I would think they would tell me! Finally, she found it. It was hiding. It was also inactive. She said it happens sometimes. So apparently I am only working with half a deck. Great. Add it to the infertility cocktail.

I was sent to Walmart to go pick up a prescription for the HCG shot. Let me tell you, Walmart is not the best place to send an infertile person to pick up medicine. I sat there and watched so many teenage moms walk by with multiple dirty children, I couldn't even count them all--blegh. Anyway, the FINALLY call my name, 30 minutes later, and I go to pay. $100. For one shot. For one use. Holy cow. This better work.

I drove back to the doctor's office and they quickly gave me the shot. It didn't hurt me, only my wallet. I was sent home.
Later in the week I called my doctor's office and asked if I was supposed to be put on progesterone so my luteal phase lasts longer than 7 days. They got back to me today letting me know I needed to get my blood drawn first so we could see what my progesterone level is before we add any more to it. The blood will be checked tonight or tomorrow morning. I am praying my period doesn't start before that because it has already been 7 days. I am not sure what the doctor's office was waiting for. I am beyond peeved.
The doctor's office isn't in any big hurry to move this process along, but I am! I don't want to keep taking all of these hormones, paying hundreds of dollars, and dealing with the emotions. I either want it to work or I am done.
So I have decided...I will try this cocktail of drugs for two more cycles (after 3 months the effectiveness drops dramatically). If it doesn't work by then, I am going to take the hint from God. I am not supposed to have my own children. Don't get me wrong. I am supposed to have children, but for some reason or another I am supposed to end this chain of DNA. Sparky and I will adopt. I am looking into domestic adoption because I don't have too much faith in the medicines working. I also just feel like God has been leading me toward adoption. So many children here need good homes and I could provide that.
The important thing is to have children, it doesn't matter how I have them.
Plus, I can get into really good shape and walk around in a bikini with wash-board abs with a baby in front of all the moms with their baby weight. MuHAhhahahaha!!! (That was my evil laugh)

All Amelia wants for Christmas is....

...her two front teeth!!
Amelia is officially losing her baby teeth! She is chewing her chew toys like crazy, which results in the horrible sound of baby-tooth roots breaking. It is gross and makes shivers go up my spine.
These pictures are rather scary looking with all of those razor sharp dagger-like teeth!
 She is also missing some on the bottom. You would not believe the fight it took to get this picture taken. She does NOT like to show us her teeth at all.
Animal is still holding onto all of his teeth. He says he doesn't want a new set, thank you very much.

Puppies and Nyah (Picture Overload)

Lima, OH is only about an hour away from my in-law's house, so we stayed overnight there after the race. We were surprised to see my niece Nyah there when we arrived!
She did not care too much for the puppies. And the puppies were a little weary of her. It worked out well. The puppies stayed away from Nyah and she stayed away from them!
Sparky is reading a pamphlet to Nyah
Nyah didn't want her picture taken.
Amelia and Me
Sparky and Animal, apparently his gut is like a Barcalounger.
Sparky with the puppies
This face looks eerily similar to "blue steel"
Now it is time for Dress Up!! Nyah was both the costume director and the director of photography. She told me what pictures to take and arranged our cast members.
Poor Keith. He will never live this down. Anything for Nyah.

No pictures of the crew!!!

It was a rather entertaining experience. Nyah has a lot of personality. She did NOT want her picture taken at all, but was very particular about everyone else's photos. Fun times.