Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm baaaaak! (pretend that sounds like I am rising from the dead)
After a loooooooooooong break I have decided to resume my blogging posts. Not that I was doing a very good job before the prolonged break. Oh well.

The baby mentioned in a previous post has since arrived and is very cute. He loves me. Of course.
Perhaps I will take up the blog challenge again to get myself back into the groove of leaving posts, but it is highly unlikely that I will actually remember to do that. :o)

So I wasn't posting because my mommy told me if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Also, I didn't have anything interesting going on.

Sparky and I spent all summer gutting and remodeling my grandpa's log house. We worked on it just about every day, then right when we were ready to move in... school started! So of course, we moved in the week school started. Why not?!
So now we are settled in with a new kitchen, downstairs bath, and a good-looking main level. We need to knock out a wall upstairs to create our master bedroom, and add a master bathroom to that space. Then the upstairs will also be complete.
In the basement we plan on painting the ceiling and floor, adding metal to the bottom 1/3 of the wall to make it industrial-chic (and durable against potential water damage). Then that level will also be complete. I would like to either add some walls or hang some curtains to divide the space  up into more practical areas.

Someday I may actually get around to posting before and after photos. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

So if you have actually stuck around for this looooooooooong break, and read this far I will reward you with some information...
Sparky and I have been chosen to be the adoptive parents of a little baby. :o) The prospective birth mom is due at the end of January but I am guessing she will go early. She delivered her first daughter 3 months early and she is under a lot of stress right now.  Sparky agrees with me that she is very certain of her decision. The only wild card is the baby's biological father, he is a bit hesitant. So if you pray, we could use some prayer for him to feel more comfortable with the choice of adoption for his baby.
I was told about this woman through a facebook message sent on November 9th. I got the message on the 10th and responded.
I tried to call the expectant mom on Saturday (12th) but she didn't answer so I left the world's most awkward message ever. And if you know me, you know I HATE leaving messages. Probably because I sound like an idiot.
My friend who told me about this woman originally called me during school on Tuesday the 15th to tell me she heard the woman defiantly wants to choose Sparky and I as the parents of her baby. So I called her on the phone again that evening to see if this was true (since I had never talked to her or anything).

She told me about her life and circumstances surrounding her decision to choose an adoption plan for her baby. She does not want to use an agency, she wants a Christian family, a couple that cannot have biological children, and she loves that we are both teachers so a baby would fit very easily into our lives.
When she found out she was pregnant she was on birth control and really did not want any more children. She prayed about having an abortion and felt God was really encouraging her to keep the pregnancy, but that didn't mean she needed to raise the baby. She believes everything happens for a reason and God has His hand in this.
She prayed about what to do about her child's future and was considering adoption. She had been told about a few other prospective couples but she still hadn't made up her mind. Then my friend told her about Sparky and I. She told me when she heard about us she knew we were the ones and her decision was final. She just knew. Without meeting us, seeing pictures, hearing our voices, or anything.
We met her on Friday, November 18th at her apartment. She is very sweet, ultra polite, and under a lot of stress right now. She is VERY sure of her decision and knows that adoption is the right choice for her family. I don't think the most convincing lawyer on the planet could convince her to change her mind right now.
She is still very realistic about how hard it is going to be. When discussing openness she said she would need a minimum of 5-6 years before she could ever do a visit in person because she will need at least that much time for the healing to begin. She is a VERY strong woman and I have a lot of confidence in her.
Anyway, we meet with an attorney on Wednesday (two days!) to discuss the legal part of this process and see what happens next. 
If she delivers early, we could have a baby any day!

PS she thinks it is a boy :o)


Wendy McConnell said...

Oh, Sarah! Congratulations! That is so so exciting :)

I've missed you at BSF this year but I'm glad you and Sparky are doing well.

C said...

Congratulations, I hope the whole adoption goes smoothly for you guys!!