Sunday, November 29, 2009

Great Room

So I have decided that I like the second plan better, but I am still obsessing so I am going to go through the house and decorate it for you. :o) I am sure you are excited.
I like this coffered ceiling for the great room, except I would rather use a dark tan color for the paint in each square instead of the green:

If you look at the plan for the great room, you will notice that there is a fire place at one end flanked by built in cabinets and shelves. Here are a few options:

As you can see, I like stone fire places. I also like cabinets on the bottom with shelves on the top. But I am open to having floor to ceiling cabinets on either side of the fire place with floor to ceiling open shelves next to the cabinet.

Similar to one of these, but with the closed cabinets to the right and left of the fire place and the open shelves outside of that. I don't know if I like a particular wood color or white. I am guessing I will go with whatever matches the kitchen cabinets because the room is open to the kitchen.

I already have this couch in an olive green color:

I included a picture of it alone and with the other furniture around it so you can see the detail of the sofa and see its proportion. I also have the lamp shown in the top picture.
I will put the sofa facing the fireplace. On the side of the fireplace next to the french doors I will put a chair that I already have that looks very similar to this one:

On the other side of the fireplace I will put a slipper chair like this:

I like this rug from Target, but in the jewel tones. It is only available in the store so I cannot show a good picture. The jewel tone rug has plum, green, and tans instead of dark brown, orange, and red:

The best part of the built ins around the fire place is that I don't have to have the TV  out and showing all the time. I can close the cabinet doors and it disappears with all the other electronics. Aaahhh. Nice.

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