Monday, April 11, 2011

Day two of posting every day...

I promise I won't title every day with a count of how long I have actually posted consecutively. Although, with my track record, it wouldn't last long anyway! I am just kidding. If I make my mind up to do it, I can post daily.

Today Sparky and I went out to the "new" house to check out the floor. My grandpa installed solid Bruce hardwood floors when he built the house. Apparently this was the best around at the time. Top dollar.(Which, if you knew my grandpa, is hard to believe. He was a young adult during the Great Depression.) However, this floor was impregnated with wax with the idea that all you had to do was re-wax it and buff it each year to get a nice shine. Well, I don't recall grandpa ever using a buffer. That, combined with the previous renter's cat peeing outside of the literbox, and the floor doesn't look so great.
My parents found someone that has gone out and sanded a couple of areas of the floor. He then used a water based sealant and a polyurethane based sealant (I think). Because the floor was impregnated with wax, it makes it difficult to sand down and refinish. Most sealants don't want to adhere to the waxy wood.
The guy did two test spots in the living room and two in the dining area. Both test spots look good. I keep going back and forth between the two options. One is very light and the other is a more rich color.
The light color would really open up the space, which is dark, since it is wrapped in aged logs and has a low ceiling. The rich color is just so much prettier!
I took pictures, but I will wait until tomorrow to post them in case nothing interesting happens tomorrow. :o)

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