Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 1

Day 1  A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.
I think this is the most recent photo I have of myself. It was taken in January 2011 in Sonoma, Arizona. I am the one on the left. ;oP
I would have taken a picture of myself today... but I would rather not. I was just picking at my face so now I look like a pubescent teenager. 

My day: Actually, considering I have a classroom full of kindergarteners who want nothing more than for school to be over my day went well. We took an impromptu nature walk in the morning. We discovered the ground is not completely dry along the way. I lost my flip flops in a mud puddle that had the strength of gorilla glue. All went well though, no kids fell into the mud or into the pond we went to visit. Miracle.  We found lots and lots of worms, some really ugly bugs that apparently will grow up to become dragonflies, and some small crayfish (aka crawfish, crawdads). Here is a secret: I don't like the ugly dragonflies or the mean crawdads, the worms are okay though. 
After lunch my cherubs did not have to participate in many purely academic activities (thank God) so we ended on a high note. Of course, my jeans are covered in dried mud... oh well. 

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