Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #3

In case you are not familiar with Stitch Fix:


A clipboard representing an online style profile.
Create Your Style Profile.
A box of five-hand picked items.
Get Five Hand-picked Items.
If you don't like your hand-picked clothes, send back the items you don't like.
Keep What You Like.
Send Back the Rest. 


Our professional stylists will pick out items they think you’ll love —sometimes a little out of your comfort zone, but that’s part of the fun.
The house to which we send five hand-picked items.

Try It on at Home

Try it on in the privacy of your own home, with your own wardrobe.
We send you styling tips to ensure your hand-picked clothing is perfect!

Styling Tips

Each item comes with styling tips on how to dress it up or down.
Simply drop your returns in a USPS mailbox.

Free & Easy Returns

Drop off returns in our prepaid envelope at any USPS mailbox.
The more information you share with our professional stylists, the better they can style you!

Better Over Time

The more feedback you give your stylist, the better they are at finding clothes you'll love.


$20 Styling Fee

The styling fee is $20, which you can use towards your final order.

Get 25% Off

If you keep all five items, we’ll give you 25% off your entire order.

Priced Just for You

We’ll send you items within your price range, but items are $55 on average.
You guys. My stylist (that's right, I have a stylist. Don't you? Why not? This IS my third post about this stuff) sent me the box from Heaven. 
I LOVE 4/5 items, but I am keeping all 5 because I will pay less keeping all five and getting 25% off the total than if I sent the one item back that I don't like. 
Pretty colors!

You guys. Unless you work with me and have heard me talk about this jacket thing forever, you have no idea how excited I am that I got this. My friend Brooke got it at school and as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it. Apparently, my stylist agreed, because she sent it to me. :o)
 It even has pockets!
 Back view, courtesy of Sparky.
 Featured here we have the Berneen Dolman Knit Top by 41Hawthorn paired with the Anita Skinny Pant by Liverpool. Amazing. I think I will be wearing this to school tomorrow.
 I wish there was a way to describe the fabric of this top. But there isn't. So you will just have to sign up for your own box and request this shirt to experience it yourself. ;o)
And wait till you hear this. My AMAZING stylist said in her note to me that I requested black skinny pants in the FIRST FIX (three months ago) and we had struck out, so she was trying again! Can you believe this? This woman remembered my request and struck gold. I am already searching for more of these pants on ebay. They are amazing. I don't think I will be able to wear pants from a store other than Stitch Fix ever again.
 And this dress will be sold online. If you would like it message me in the comments below. It is horrible on me. I am sure it would be lovely on anyone else. Sparky told me that I look Amish in it. Nothing says sexy quite as much as the Amish. Oh, wait. Anything says sexy more than the Amish. That is exactly what the Amish don't want.
 I can hardly  believe I am posting this photo. Wow.
Shockingly, the fabric of this dress is really really nice. It is thick and well made. And instead of actually being gray, it is a black and white very fine stripe which appears gray. It is much prettier in the box in real life. Am I convincing you to buy it yet? ;o)
 Last up we have this scarf. This is the Avia Stripe and Dot Infinity Scarf by Octavia. I probably don't need any scarfs, but I like the color. It is more coral-like in real life. Also, I like infinity scarfs much better than others because they don't choke me and make me too hot. So I am keeping it.
 Here is my awesome styling card, so I know how to wear everything.

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