Sunday, May 31, 2015


I really need to post an update on what all I ended up with from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target sale frenzy. I did quite well, if I do say so myself.
But that will be for another day.
I have also been experimenting with a new (to me) company called where I was able to get a ridiculous amount of extremely exclusive name brand apparel for practically nothing... because it is used! Personally, I don't care if my $200 jeans have been worn by someone else once or twice so I only have to pay $25 for them. Muhahaha! Seems like a no-brainer to me! Also, this one goes well with Stitch Fix, who has introduced me to all of my new favorite pants. I know what sizes I need in those brands so I was able to get some major deals.
That order is due to arrive here on Tuesday, so I will share once it gets here.
I am also expecting my next Stitch Fix box on Thursday.
And an order from Zulily on Wednesday!
I have a lot of packages on their way right now, but I got some REALLY great deals! :o)

I am also experimenting with using a company I just learned about called IZEA to bring more products to my readers. To show them I really have this blog I am supposed to imbed this code someplace on my blog: 5743096dbe6b253c0335754aa618e08ae46467309a3e3c2686
I not about subtlety.
We will see if this works out or not. If not, it is no sweat off my back. If so, then maybe we can all learn about some new cool stuff. I know since I have stopped watching television live (I record everything and watch it later) I don't know about any new anything. I don't know what movies are coming out, I don't know what new product I should use to clean my floor... and Lord knows I need some new product to clean my floors! They are gross.
Anyway, here goes nothing!

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