Thursday, October 22, 2009


I thought I would share some background information with everyone to catch y'all up (no, I am not from the south).
I am getting married in two months to a man who is afraid to have his picture, name, or any information on the internet for fear of (crickets chirping)... who knows. He has no real reason, he is just paranoid. I guess that is what happens when you graduate from high school the same year Windows 95 is released. I, however, have grown up my entire life with computers and internet so I see no problem with my name or picture being splashed everywhere. But to please the guy in my life I shall refer to him by his childhood nickname "Sparky" which was bestowed upon him by his grandfather because he was so hyperactive he was like a spark plug... I guess.
I will post more information about our upcoming wedding in a later post.
I am teaching a combined kindergarten/first grade class at a wonderful elementary school and my fiance teaches students I may not refer to at someplace that I am not aloud to name. Sigh...

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