Sunday, October 25, 2009


About two weeks ago, on October 13th, Sparky was in a dirt-biking accident. After school he went to some dirt-biking trail/park/area with some of his former students. He was planning on just riding the trail at a leisurely rate because he has been unable to ride for the past six months due to a herniated disk in his back. Anywho...he went to this place and was riding very carefully as to not re-injure himself. Well the boys in front of him told him that they were coming up to a jump.

Sparky thought that this was just like any normal motocross jump, a mound of dirt that he could ride up one side of and down the other. He was wrong. What he didn't hear was the boy said it was a CREEK jump. He slowly rode up the dirt then fell abruptly four feet down and landed in a creek bed, then his 200 lb. motorcycle landed on top of him. Ugh.

This is what Sparky's back looked like in the hospital. Yuck.

He was in the hospital from Tuesday until Friday. He has a broken shoulder blade, torn ligaments between his shoulder blade and collar bone, torn ACL, torn MCL, and a bruised and swollen liver. He had to stay in the hospital so long because his liver enzyme count was very elevated.

Sparky is a horrible patient. He has been moaning and groaning since he arrived at the hospital. He cannot sit up without making noises reminiscent of a very elderly person. It is a bit ridiculous, but I have been patient with him. I took off work and stayed with him in the hospital while he was attended to by the hillbilly staff (he was in the hospital located in a neighboring city). I helped him when I brought him home and he couldn't walk without assistance. I went to work for a week and then came home to do his bidding. I wondered how long my patience would last.

Apparently I hit the limit yesterday. I tried to take him out to eat on Friday to get him out of the house. We went to Buccetto's. It was delicious but very busy. While we were waiting for our table Sparky was sitting in a chair right inside the door with his leg extended a little due to his ACL/MCL issues. Some man was backing up trying to get out of the way of some people leaving the establishment and tripped over Sparky's foot. By the sounds that came from Sparky's mouth you would think he was stabbed in the leg. So I go to see if our table is ready yet and find it is! As we walk/hobble to the table Sparky runs into the waitress with broken shoulder blade. Dinner was silent. With the added benefit of grumpy, pain induced glares from across the table.
Then Saturday comes along and Sparky decides he wants to go to some race through the woods. I think he is crazy, but whatever. He is getting ready to go and goes into the garage to put his coat into the car. Well, he let the dog, Gaby, follow him out. He then just stands in the doorway to the garage, with the door wide open, provoking the heater to kick on and rack up my heating bill.
I nicely ask Sparky to close the door.
He stands there.
I not so nicely tell him to close the damn door.
He stands there. He is waiting for Gaby to come back inside on his own free will.
The dog is not going to come back into the house after discovering such a wonderland as the garage. There are all sorts of things in there that he needs to explore! So I angrily walk into the garage, pick up the dog, and shut the door. I then let him know everything I had been bottling up for the last two weeks.
This is the official end of my patience. Needless to say, we didn't go to the race in the woods.
Instead we went to a local Apple Orchard where I got a caramel apple, a 1/2 peck of apples, and apple cider. Then we went to Wal-Mart to buy two movies (because when we rent movies we never remember to take them back on time, racking up a large late fee, so it is more cost effective to buy).
I am much better now. :o)

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