Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ok, I think it is official. I just added the list of blogs I routinely follow. The list is ridiculously long. And I didn't even count the blogs that I end up reading after clicking on link after link. Blog hopping is like going on wikipedia. You start off wanting to know a bit of information, like: Where was Nikola Tessla born? Then a couple hours later you realize you are reading information about the model T. Or maybe that only happens to me.
Anyway, I have decided that I am officially a blogaholic. I haven't read any books recently because I have spent so much time reading blogs. The content is so much more interesting because it is non-fiction, and pictures nearly always accompany the text. It is like a socially acceptable form of people watching, without the awkward moment where the people you are watching make eye-contact.
I recommend you check out Kelly's Korner and learn about her obsession with all things monogrammed (I am now considering buying a machine to save money when I have children in the future).Or go visit the Nester to learn how to make your own window mistreatment that will look fabulous, but save you a fortune! I should take pictures of the ones I made based on her tutorial. I love them! Those will get you started, and you can find all the rest by clicking on links from there...
Happy Blog Hopping!

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Anonymous said...

It must run in the family - I lose large chunks of time when I start blog hopping, too. Glad to see you in the blog world!