Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Green Hands

Today in kindergarten we painted trees. We used brown paint and paint brushes to paint a trunk on the paper. Then we dipped our hands into green paint to make the leaves for the trees. We are then going to add red apples with the names of the people in our families. Eventually, they will be family trees.
The first group was painting. I made one along with them to show them what to do. Then I went to wash the green paint off my hands. It didn't wash off. The smeary paint came off, but my hands were dyed bright green.
Here, I took some pictures:
Pretty bad, right? The really bad part was I had to send 6 kids home with hands just like that. I tried everything to get the paint off. I ended up having to scrub my hand with an SOS pad with bleach. It is much lighter now. And my hand burns.

On a more interesting note, I just finished by second day of Bible Study Fellowship.  I am very excited to be part of this. We are currently doing the study of the book of Isaiah. This is good because Isaiah is a very confusing book in the Bible. BSF has 8 year long bible studies. Each study delves deeply into the Bible to really understand the word.

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