Monday, October 4, 2010

Sick, Sick, Sick

I am sick. It started on Saturday morning. When I woke up my throat hurt a little, but it was just a little sinus drainage. Then I spent the entire day sneezing and sniffling. We had planned on meeting Sparky's aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin-in-law (his cousin's wife) in Nashville for a meal and good company. I was a little concerned about my sniffling... but it was okay.
I did end up drinking the entire pitcher of water on our table during dinner. Which is very UN-like me. I do not drink water. I should. But I don't.
On our way home I got an adorable new board to hang on my wall:

I have the black square with the scalloped edges. I put some fall leaves, an acorn, a pumpkin, and spiders on it to welcome fall. Adorable.
Sparky told me when he finally gets a new computer for his plasma cutter at work that I can cut out any shapes I want out of metal and make more embellishments for the thing. I am excited! I want to make all sorts of different metal bases to go into the wooden stand they show so I can change it up for the holidays.

Anyway, back to me being sick... So Sunday I woke up at 5:00am to my nose dripping on my pillow. Gross, I know.
I finally got up around 7:00 and went through the tissue box like it was going out of style. I got settled in at the computer to do homework for my masters classes and didn't get finished with that until 6:00pm (but I got it done!!!)
After finishing my homework, I had the worst allergy attack ever. The roof of my mouth was itching like crazy. I wanted to cut it off. My eyes were itchy and red, and my nose was running and stuffed up at the same time. I took some more allergy medicine.
I tried the neti pot (which I affectionately call the Snot Pot).

I pored the water through one side of my nose and it barely dripped through the other side. I tried the other side and it didn't have anywhere to go. The water went down my throat instead. Well, you mix a little saline packet with the water so it doesn't burn your nose... meaning salt water went down my throat. Salt water= puke. So I threw up.
I even used nose spray (which I hate) and took some more sinus medicine. I thought I was going to go crazy from the itching. I felt like a crack addict going through withdrawal (at least how I picture it).

This morning the runny nose finally stopped. But don't get excited. It stopped running because it has now lodged deep within my sinuses creating wonderful pressure and a headache known as a sinus infection.

I called in a substitute for tomorrow, wrote sub plans (all 8 pages of them), got my classroom ready, discovered I am getting  new student tomorrow (sorry for him), made one more copy of everything, wrote his name on everything, and finally left school 6 hours later. I stayed so long preparing for the sub that I could have just taught tomorrow. That is why teachers hate taking sick days. It just doesn't seem worth it. And I am sure I will walk into my classroom on Wednesday to discover they didn't do half the stuff in my plans, but decided to make paper airplanes all day instead. :o)

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