Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Party

This past week I took off Tuesday and Wednesday from school. The first substitute teacher I had, apparently, was mean and a little crazy. The kids said they were scared of her, the teacher next door said she had no clue what she was doing and the kids were walking all over her. Great.
The second sub was much better. I guess she had everything under control and the students learned.
Unfortunately, in my absence I got a new student. Poor kid. My class also forgot how to behave at school. That made for a very fun Thursday and Friday for me. On Monday we will be starting all over, because I will not survive the year if they act like they did Thursday and Friday all year long.
After school on Friday the principal at my new school had a fall party to celebrate a good start of the school year. Her house is really neat. It looks small on the outside, but once inside it just keeps going and going. It is out in the country and it was the perfect place for our fall party.
While there I got to get to know some of the teachers a little better. I overheard one teacher saying that her son (who was with her) was adopted. Um, hello!! My ears perked up.
I went and talked to her. She is the first person I have met in real life who has done a domestic adoption (at least who has told me about it). She told me all about her story. She had secondary infertility. This means she had a biological daughter then was unable to conceive. She went through three failed IVFs before turning to adoption. They went with the law firm in Indy. called Kirsh and Kirsh. I have looked at them, but after seeing their fee schedule (yikes!) counted them out. They also represent the adoptive parents in an adoption, not the birth mother. In some ways this is good, in other ways not so good. The birth mothers who go them do no receive counseling, which I strongly believe all birth-mothers need.
I will need to talk to her again to see why they chose Kirsh and Kirsh instead of The Adoption Support Center or something else.
Anyway, they wrote their Dear Birth-Mother letter, and were matched with a young pregnant girl who wanted to choose adoption for her baby. They got to go with her to her ultrasound appointments and everything. The birth-mom called them from the hospital when the baby was born and they went to the hospital to meet their son. It was nice to talk to someone in real life who has already done this.

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