Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Adoption Support Center sent me an email today. I was going to summarize it, but instead I have decided to just copy and paste. :o)
Hi Mark and Sarah!
Julie had time to look over your intake form today and we would love for you to attend our seminar!  We do have some available seats in November.  There is a $35 seminar fee to attend, you can call me with a credit card number or send us a check to hold your seats.  If you do sign on with us, then the $35 will be applied towards your application fee.  Please email back and let me know if you're interested so I can tell you date and time or have any other questions.  Have a great day!

Le Grimes
I replied that we would love to attend the seminar in November. I haven't told her (or him?) yet that our year anniversary is in December... so we haven't been married a full year yet. I am hoping that we can at least still attend the seminar and get the ball rolling on this whole process. I am excited!


Amber said...

Le is a female (just thought I would share). Incredibly nice-all of them are. Have fun at the information seminar.

Sarah said...

Thank you! I was wondering...