Sunday, March 20, 2011

House Stuff

Before we went to Arizona, we needed some pictures of the outside of our house. Well folks, it is the middle of winter. In Indiana. It is grey, dreary, and ugly outside.
My mom came to the rescue with some outdoor Christmas decorations and went to work.
Much better. Considering what she had to work with! Unfortunatly, the outside of our house is very ugly. It looks better in the summer when the flowers are blooming, but only slightly better.

While the house was scrubbed super clean for the home study I though I should take some pictures of the inside of our house. I haven't taken pictures since I bought it. I have changed every room. Inclding the kichen.
Right inside the front door, looking toward the garage door:
Right inside the front door, looking toward the kitchen:
Looking to the right, the dining room--complete with Animal and Sparky eating a cupcake.
Looking into the kitchen/laundry room/and half bath. We squeeze a lot into a small space. :o)
Standing in the dining room looking toward the window. The front door is on the left by the linoleum.
Look closer at that light fixture. I made it! I will post about how I made it if anyone shows any interest.
At the garage door looking toward the front door/dining room. As you can see, our house is huge. We practically lose each other on the main level. Ha!
Upstairs bathroom
Master bedroom
I made our bedding and window treatments as well. Easy peasy.

The only other room in the house is the nursery and I have shown that before.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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