Sunday, November 7, 2010

More waiting.

Le said in her last email that I could call with my credit card information to sign up for the November adoption seminar.
I was excited.
I wrote it on the calendar.
I let my cousin know the date so we can hang out afterward.
Then I called to give my info. Guess what! The head woman decided to make the November and December classes smaller than normal so instead of allowing 14 couples to attend they are only allowing 8 couples. So that means the November session is now full even though I was told I could go. And I have (yet another) month long wait before the December session.
I suppose I am grateful that I don't have to wait until January due to the small class size. But I am rather annoyed. If the class is capable of holding 14 people, why not allow 14? What is the point in making me wait another month?
Ugh. Anyway, December 15th you know where I will be!

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