Monday, January 17, 2011


On Saturday I went over to my friend's house and helped her organize all of her baby's clothing. He went from wearing newborn size to wearing 6-9month in a matter of a few weeks! She was totally unprepared for this huge growth spurt. All of the clothing in his new size was in boxes and she had a closet full of clothing that is too small.
To make it even more complicated, she has a toddler who loves to move piles around. (Who can blame him, really?) AND some of the small clothing needs to go back to her aunt, so she can't just shove it all into a box and store it.
First we took all of the clothing that was too small out of the closet and sorted it into "give away" or "give back to aunt" piles. Then we labeled all of the new clothing that is going to go back to her aunt and hung all of the new correct sized clothing in the closet, along with the next two sizes.
It really didn't take that long... if you subtract the breaks we took to play with the toddler!
He was just so darn cute, and we felt bad for ignoring him. I cannot believe how smart he is! He turned the fan on and I asked him if he could feel the breeze. I reached up to feel the breeze and pretended that his hand got hit by the fan.
I followed his lead and pretended that my hand got hit by the fan, too. Except my finger got cut off! I bent my finger down to make it look like it was chopped off (sounds really gross typing it out like this). Instead of thinking I really lost my finger, like most two-almost-three year old children, he looked around my hand and told me the end of my finger was just hiding.
Even though he figured out the trick really quickly, he still enjoyed the game. After a few minutes he was even able to bend his own fingers down to make them look like they were chopped off, too! What a smart child.

My friend surprised me and let me take the baby clothes that are too small for her baby. With her first child she didn't find out if the baby was a boy or a girl, so most of her little clothes are gender neutral. The really "boy" stuff I put in a box at the top of the closet.
Check out how prepared my new future baby is:
The Luvs box is STUFFED with infant boy clothes and the clear tub is STUFFED with girl stuff (but not really infant). Everything hanging up is sized Newborn and 0-3 months. The swaddling blankets are in the first polka dotted container. White Newborn sized onesies are in the second polka dotted container, 0-3 month sized white onsies are in the third polka dotted container. The fourth container has some 3-6 month sized clothing. And I realized that I don't really have any pants smaller than 3 months. So either I will need to get some, or my child will be pant-less... we will see!

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adrianne + will said...

That is awesome! What a generous gift! We're hoping to get some hand me downs from my cousin or one of my BFF's, but so far all we have in our baby's closet are books! Your baby may be pant-less, but our baby will be naked! LOL!