Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Visit

We have our home visit today. In 30 minutes. I am trying to remain calm, but the thought that some woman is going to come into my house to write up a home study to enable us to become eligible for adoption is rather nerve racking.
I know that her job isn't to disqualify us. They want to help us become parents, but my nerves aren't listening to my common sense.
Sparky and I rented a steam cleaner yesterday to clean all of our carpets, we moved all of the furniture to clean. Now, everywhere I look I see something I missed cleaning. A speck on the mirror here, a little piece of fuzz there, a piece of hair floating in the air. AUGH!!! I need to let it all go so I am here typing.
Deep Breath.
My mom made red velvet and marble (chocolate and white) cupcakes yesterday for me to put our for our social worker. I also have a Keurig machine so I put out an assortment of teas, coffee, and hot chocolate K-cups for her to choose from. And I have water, coke and Dr. Pepper, apple juice, V8, and milk available.

I will be back to update later today after she leaves so I can let you all know that I overreacted and she didn't even look toward the mirror with the little smudge on it. :o)


Tara said...

It's 1:55pm EST time here and I just read your post about your home study. I'm not sure what time the social worker will arrive, but I'm stopping to pray for you right now. Good luck! It sounds like she's going to leave your house refreshed from your your yummy drinks & snacks!

Sarah said...

Thank you!!! You were praying for us while she was here, and our visit went well so it must have worked!