Thursday, January 22, 2015

100th Day of School

 Happy 100th Day of School! This means there are only 80 days to go and my little cherubs will be 1st graders, yikes! Actually, other than the 5 who have been identified (by me) as needing extra help and who are receiving an additional hour of small group instruction each day... nearly all of my students are ready. They are hard workers!
Normally for the 100th day of school I have students bring in a collection of 100 items. But then I would make them count their items again when they got to school and they would get really irritated with me.
Also, at least 6 kids each year didn't do it at home and I had to help them throw a project together before I took attendance.
While the rest of the class ran around in circles screaming.
No thank you.

So this year I decided we would dress up as though we were 100 years old! We could then collect 100 item in the classroom. Much better! I didn't have a single child complain about counting to 100 about 100 times.
And they were adorable.
Almost as adorable as me. I'm the one on the left with the walker.
 I decided to go for "classy granny" instead of what I would actually look like when I am 100. I didn't want to be offensive to anyone, but really when I am 100 (if I am still alive) I don't plan on getting out of my pajamas. What would be the point?

Had I been a really smart person I would have taken pictures of the kids as they came in, but all I could think about was how I only really wanted pictures of the kids who participated. I didn't want to hurt the feelings of the other kids who didn't dress up either because they are boring or their parents didn't let them.
Thinking clearly, now that I am no longer elderly, I see that I could have taken a picture of EACH child and just deleted the boring people. Duh. The gray went to my head.
As it was, I forgot to really take pictures until after lunch so many of the boys who had silver hair lost their hair color at recess and many beards and mustaches were smeared off. :o(

Yes, I know my bulletin board is blank. And there are candy canes still hanging up in January. In my defense, my mom does my display case and put up the candy canes for December and forgot to take them down. I am just too lazy to do it myself. Well.... really, I am just afraid i will take them down and forget where I put them. I know where they are now. :o)
As for not having student work up... they don't like it. They want to take EVERYTHING home IMMEDIATELY. I have to really prepare for something to go in the hall or they cry. Seriously. I can't make that up.

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