Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch Fix 1

I got my first Stitch Fix box in the mail yesterday when I got home from the 100th day of school!!! I ripped my gray wig off, threw my granny outfit on the floor, and hopped into these bad boys.
Just you wait.
It was as amazing as I was expecting.
Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to take pictures of myself using my phone camera in a full length mirror.
I only have one full length mirror in the house and it hangs in an awkward alcove in my bedroom. The light from the hall doesn't get reach it, the light from the bathroom doesn't make it out the door, and the light from the bedroom only goes far enough to let me use the mirror to make sure I don't have toilet paper sticking to the bottom of my shoe, but not enough to show detail on outfits.

In case you are not familiar with Stitch Fix:

How Our Fix™ Service Works

A clipboard representing an online style profile.
Create Your Style Profile.
A box of five-hand picked items.
Get Five Hand-picked Items.
If you don't like your hand-picked clothes, send back the items you don't like.
Keep What You Like.
Send Back the Rest. 

Online Women's Personal Styling

Our professional stylists will pick out items they think you’ll love —sometimes a little out of your comfort zone, but that’s part of the fun.
The house to which we send five hand-picked items.

Try It on at Home

Try it on in the privacy of your own home, with your own wardrobe.
We send you styling tips to ensure your hand-picked clothing is perfect!

Styling Tips

Each item comes with styling tips on how to dress it up or down.
Simply drop your returns in a USPS mailbox.

Free & Easy Returns

Drop off returns in our prepaid envelope at any USPS mailbox.
The more information you share with our professional stylists, the better they can style you!

Better Over Time

The more feedback you give your stylist, the better they are at finding clothes you'll love.

How Much Does It Cost?

$20 Styling Fee

The styling fee is $20, which you can use towards your final order.

Get 25% Off

If you keep all five items, we’ll give you 25% off your entire order.

Priced Just for You

We’ll send you items within your price range, but items are $55 on average.

It's amazing.
The box is pretty.

So is the packaging:

 1st up is the Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse:

 I love the higher neckline so I can still bend over to help the little kids at their tables, but the lace detail adds interest.
 The back is AMAZING! I call this a mullet shirt. Business in front, party in back!
 The fabric is wonderful, it has a long cut and I love it. It is a keeper!

Next up is the Stellan Draped Cardigan:

Who doesn't love a good cardigan. This one is ridiculously soft. the stripe is cute and adds interest to solid colored tops.

 Next, The Estrella Skinny Jean:
 I wore these jeans in all the photos. I wasn't too sure if they were too tight or not. They are skinny jeans, so they are supposed to be tight. But how tight is too tight? That is where my colleagues came into play today! Thanks guys! They assured me that these fit perfectly.

My favorite, Tiller Sailboat Sweater:
 I wore this one to school today with khaki pants and sperrys. I got more compliments on my top than I have ever gotten on one top in my life. The fit is perfect, the boat is awesome, and I will be wearing this as my new uniform. Be prepared to see this sweater a lot.

Last, Freida Regular Length Skinny Jean:

Unfortunately, these pants didn't fit. I am still marveling over the fact that these people who have never seen me before were able to send me a pair of JEANS in the mail and they fit me perfectly. So the fact that this pair of pants didn't fit didn't make me too upset. The only bummer was, if these had fit I would have saved 25% on my entire order since I loved everything!!

 Here is the note I got from my Personal Stylist. I am fancy.

 Alyssa W., you rocked it.

 If you would like to try stitch fix (and you should), access the site from my link so I can get a referral credit. 
I saved up to pay for this fix, but I won't be able to purchase this many items in the future unless you help me out! :o)

Let me know what you think of the items I got!


Lauren said...

I'm in love with these items too! You should live next door so we can share a closet! I love the sailboat sweater the most too! I would wear it everyday.

*NotablyNeurotic said...

Are you wearing the same jeans in all the pics? If so, I LOVE them. I want my skinny jeans to hit my foot like that, but my legs are too short. I really need to visit a tailor.

*NotablyNeurotic said...

Are you wearing the same jeans in all the pics? If so, I LOVE them. I want my skinny jeans to hit my foot like that, but my legs are too short. I really need to visit a tailor.