Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Hate Stupid People- Kim's Addition

While talking to my sister I realized that I have way more posts along this line. In fact, I may need to begin I Hate Stupid People Thursday (IHSPT). Of course, I will then need to change the order of the acronym to spell something clever, like HATE. I will have to think about that one. If you have any suggestions for a witty title/acronym let me know!

Anywho... I was talking to my sister on the phone (her name is Kim, hence the title) and I heard an obnoxious beeping siren. Upon further inquiry I learned that apparently my sister sets off the alarm upon entering and leaving any establishment with a sensor thinggy. Good grief. She has been told that it was her phone. She believes, however, that it is her purse, since it only goes off when she is carrying a specific hand bag (one that happens to have never had a sensor tag on it to begin with so it isn't very probable as the cause, but we won't go there).
She entered the store, gathered her merchandise, and checked out. While checking out she reminded the cashier that she set the alarm off while entering the store, so when she left it would most likely go off again. The lady was dumbfounded. Kim went on to explain that she has been told it was her phone causing the alarms to go off.
The lady asked to see Kim's phone. Kim handed it over, although, I am not sure why. Then the lady proceeded to wave her phone over the magnetic scanner thing used to deactivate the anti-theft devices on merchandise in the store. Her phone obviously did not make the little beeping sound normally associated with this thing, to which the lady responded, "Well, it doesn't look like the phone could be causing the alarm to go off." Wow. You really think the phone is going to somehow have a sensor in it that could be disabled by your store's specific scanner?
I am not sure how Kim kept herself from laughing in the girl's face. Well... probably because she has been walking around setting off alarms, can't figure out why, yet continues to use the bag she thinks is causing it.

**Note: Kim found the root of the problem. She was given a wallet for Christmas by her boss, apparently it still had the little sensor in it. It has been removed. Don't worry.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO, I think you tell my story better than me!