Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Hate Stupid People

Apparently Sparky and I don't do a whole lot in our normal lives because I have absolutely nothing interesting to post about my own life.

But interesting things happen to people at my I will share.

We had two snow days last week. I don't know why, it wasn't really that bad outside. Whenever school is closed for a snow day the school corporation puts a little flag on the school homepage to let everyone know. They also send out an email and alert the media. I even get a text message on my phone letting me know that I can sleep in. Our school custodian still goes to the building and he puts huge signs on the doors letting the world know the school is closed. Just to top that, he even puts saw horses in the drop off lane that are painted a vibrant color and say School Closed- Snow Day or something equally obvious.

Apparently, some people are just really stupid. There was a family that dropped off their second grade child at school on Thursday. This means they do not have text messaging, listen to the news on TV, listen to the radio, or check the computer before coming to school.
 I guess the empty snow-covered parking lot and lack of human activity around the school didn't set off any alarm bells in their heads either. Seriously.
They just pulled in, dropped off the kid, and left.
Luckily, because our custodian was there, the door was unlocked so the kid could get inside. He was scared because the lights were all off and there were no people around, so he hid in one of the kindergarten classrooms (not mine).
That is where our custodian found him, two hours later. Hiding like balloon boy.
Our custodian called the child's parents to come pick him up. Guess what. The kid's parents were mad... at the CUSTODIAN!! Can you believe it!
I guess they were upset that he wasn't actively looking for hiding children on a day that there aren't supposed to be any around. Ugh!

Just to make the story even better... I was talking to one of his teachers at lunch today and she informed me that when she was talking to this kid yesterday, he told her that his parents are cousins. Yup, that's right folks. I guess if you marry your cousin, dropping your kid off at school on a snow day is excusable. After all, they are only working with half a deck.

P.S. My school made FOUR STAR status today!!! YAY US! We pretty much rock. :o)

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