Monday, January 18, 2010

Reason for Absence

In addition to just being boring person in general, I have been spending most of my available blogging time reading the blogs of others while ignoring my own. Check out these wonderful blogs that I have been stalking:
This one has sucked up a majority of my time, but now that I have read it in its entirety, it shouldn't take much time to keep up with :)

This is her front door. Doesn't it look like a Christmas movie?:

And then her entry, right when you walk in the door, and look up a little:

From the top of the stairs looking down:

This is so wonderful, she almost makes me want to buy a split level home myself, just so I can copy her entry!

Once you get up the stairs you land in her living room. This is the stencil that her husband painted on the wall for her:

Here is the proof of his handiwork:

 And here is the finished result with furniture:

If you turn right around you will see the lovely dining area:

What? You are wanting a better look at the blank and white thing behind the table? Ok:

She took a famous (?) etching, had it enlarged on canvas with adhesive on the back. Mark and I have decided to copy her when we have a house, but we are going to use one of the invention sketches from Leonardo da Vinci's notebook.

Check out her son's closet doors:

Adorable!! She wanted the lion walking on the ground, but her husband hung it in the middle of the door. To make the lion grounded, she added a chalk board hill under his feet. Perfect!

I am ready to move in!

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