Saturday, August 7, 2010

Auburn Visit

Sparky and I went on another trip up to Auburn to see his parents. It was nice and relaxing. The puppies stayed with grandma and grandpa Smith here in town so Sparky and I could get a little break and travel more.
We got to Auburn and hung around for about a day. Sparky's mom took me to the Christian bookstore down the street and bought me couple new books! She purchased the first picture book for our future child:
 It is a great book. If you haven't read it, you need to go out and find a copy to read. I love the simple story about the parents being woken up in the middle of the night with a phone call saying the baby was being born, the mom screaming from excitement, calling the grandparents but they didn't answer because they sleep like logs, flying on a plane, meeting the baby, how the baby was sooooo perfect, flying back home, and beginning life. The illustrations are also adorable.
I think my favorite part was reading it to Sparky. I read about the parents getting the phone call, and calling grandparents, and getting on the plane, and it wasn't until the author describes how she couldn't grow a baby in her tummy so they found another lady who was too young to take care of a baby.. before Sparky understood this was an adoption book. Wow. I know he didn't pay much attention during Health class, but I thought he would know that most people don't go into labor to deliver a baby by getting a phone call and hopping on a plane.
His response: I thought it sounded a little different...
Oh, he is so cute and innocent.
She also got me:
One of my friends in college gave me the book The Power of a Praying Woman and it is a very good book. I thought this one would be worth a read also.

From there we headed off to... my next post!

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