Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Classroom

I have been moved to a different school for this upcoming school year. This is really a blessing. Although I hated packing up my room, really hated carrying all of the boxes, and now unpacking also sucks... it is really a good move. The principal at my former school can be difficult to get along with. I am just going to leave it at that. I am grateful that she hired me three years ago, but I disagree with some of her philosophies. I am really going to miss my colleagues though. I have worked with some really wonderful teachers who have all impacted my teaching in some way. I got to know what true collaboration is my first year with Cassie and Katie. I learned about how to implement cooperative learning from Christine, a little about everything from Donna, discipline from Anne, classroom simulations from Vicki, remediation for fourth graders from Liesl, KOI from Whitney, and how to incorporate technology from Fallon. I learned better organization methods from Kerry, how to discipline odd children and to relax with farmville from Vivian, and how to laugh at everything from Jamie. The office staff have also had a huge impact on me. Paris taught me how to deal with impossible people, Darla taught me how to deal with kids when they poop in their pants (among other things), and Jann taught me how to get to school when the snow has made my normal route impossible to drive. They all have a special place in my teaching heart and I will miss them a lot.
I have moved into a new school and am thrilled to work with the young principal there. She is very enthusiastic about trying new techniques and methods to improve the school. It is obvious that she truly has the best interest of ALL the students at heart. So far the people I have met while unpacking my room have been very nice.

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Kinkead's Kids said...

We miss you, too. Hope things are going well for you. How many kinders? I have 32 in 5th and you know IU still has begun.