Sunday, August 8, 2010

Favorite Show

The NSRA Street Rod Nationals is the best car show of the year. Not just because it has the best cars (because it really does, 11,000 cars... if you can't find one you like, you have problems) but because it has WOMAN'S WORLD! An entire indoor vendor space just for women. Aaahhhh. It is wonderful. It took me about two hours to go through it. So I thought I would share the highlights of Woman's World.

The first place I stopped was the bra lady, selling Essential Bodywear. This was a first for me. I had never seen anyone selling bras in a vendor booth. But the booth had two little cabana-like changing rooms and everything. The picture was eye-catching:
Who wants saggy gross boobs when they could be perky? They also mentioned other bra issues such as, boob leakage from under the bra, pokey wire, falling straps, straps that dig into shoulders, etc. Well, my girls feel as though I have two bowling balls dangling from my shoulders so I gave it a try.
First the lady measured me and told me I am wearing the wrong size. I am really a 34F. Wow. Most places don't even make that size. F! That is a large cup for such a small band. No wonder I feel like I have two bowling balls on my chest!
I tried on the bra and Whoa Nellie! AMAZING! I could no longer feel the boobs there at all. I can always feel them pulling me forward and down, making me slouch more. I was immediately standing better and felt like I had lost 20 lbs. This bra concentrates on supporting breast weight around your rib cage instead of dangling the weight from your shoulders.
They do a cool demo to make you want to purchase a bra. They put little smiley face stickers where your nipples are on your t-shirt wearing your normal bra. Then you go change into their bra and put your shirt back on. Then you can see the difference between where your nipples were falling and where they should be.
I walked out of the dressing room and the people standing around had their jaws hit the floor. My smiley faces were about 1-2 inches below my boobs!
I wore the bra all day yesterday and by the end of the day my back hurt. The middle of my back. It wasn't because the bra is bad, but because I am used to carrying the weight of my boobs from my shoulders and now my upper/middle back was providing the support. Those muscles were sore from finally being utilized!

Next I came across a booth selling the cutest hair bows and clips ever. Little Pink Ladybug has ribbon sculpture bows:
And more traditional bows:
I have a feeling that when I have a little girl someday, she will have a lovely little bow to match every outfit. Much like someone else I know (me).

I then came across another booth I will need to revisit once I have a little girl. Toodles had petti skirts like I desperately want my future little girl to wear for a photo shoot.

They also have adorable clothing, bows, accessories, lunch bags, handbags, and shoes.

While I am on the streak of all things baby... I came across this wonderful invention, PopATot:
A couple invented this product for their daughter. I thought it was genius. It folds into a small bag just like a folding chair. The bag has a handy little strap so you can take it anywhere! I think this is a great idea for a small place like Sparky and I live. We could pop it open when needed, and fold it quickly when not in use so it doesn't take up valuable floor space.

As I was walking around I then stumbled across a lady with a table of babies. I got excited. I thought she was selling infants. How easy would that be? But, no, they weren't real babies. They called Reborn Dolls. They look extremely life-like. The artist let me hold one, and it even feels like a real baby. They even wear little newborn sized clothing. They were ridiculously adorable. The artist doesn't have a website, but I have found a few others that have the same thing:
Wendy's Babies

And more information about crazy people with their Reborn Dolls:
BBC Documentary
Dr. Phil Part I
Dr. Phil Part II

I then made it over to Mamas Love at Home. She makes all sorts of things, but I was drawn to her reusable swiffer products. She was tired of always going out and buying the replacement pads for her swiffer sweeper and duster... so she sewed her own out of fleece! Afterward, she found that the fleece fabric held a lot more dust and dirt than the disposable version in the stores. So I bought a lovely version of the item below in a soft sagey-green pattern:

The final stop I made around Woman's World was at a little booth called Not Your Mama's Kitchen. Apparently the full website is not up yet so you can only see their cute halter-style aprons. I am hoping they get the website up soon because they had adorable products. My favorite being the chalkboard place-mats and table cloths. Like these below, but with cute patterns instead of a solid border and backing.
I think I can make these myself. I love all things chalkboard and all things oil cloth, so they are pretty much my favorite right now. I just need to find an oil cloth supplier and a chalk-cloth supplier... Someday!

Then I finally met Sparky by the Italian Ice stand. He HAD to show me these really cool swings he found. They are pretty awesome. Serene Backyard has two awesome swings.
The swing on the left has two swings in one. Each char swings independent of the other. They both have a little foot rest that comes out from under the seat, the back reclines, and the headrest is adjustable. You can also move the canopy if the sun shifts and gets in your eyes. It is nice.
The better chair, however, is the one on the right. It is perfectly ergonomically designed to fit my most relaxed state. It elevates my feet, the pillow is adjustable and is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. The canopy is not adjustable, but I am willing to sacrifice for the comfort.
My only concern is that my neighbors, who apparently like to use our patio while we are gone, would use it and most likely break it.
That reminds me, I forgot to write about my lovely neighbors.
We got back from Auburn to find a pink cigarette lighter on our patio table and the chairs rearranged. There were cigarette butts littered on the patio. We don't smoke, so it is pretty obvious that they are not ours. I also found the remnants of a firework lodged in the mulch outside our front door and they tried to light the patio lanterns we have out in the garden. I have never lit them, so the wicks should still be nice and white. They are now charred. Because I have yet to put the lighter fluid in them they would not catch on fire (thankfully).
It really pisses me off that my neighbor would have the audacity to come over to my patio, sit in my chairs, use my table, set off fireworks in my garden, and try to light my garden lanterns. Seriously, who does that? 


Hootie said...

Hilarious! Love the bra story most of all.. disappointed to not see before and after smilie face photos though! :)

Sounds like your neighbors have bad manners or are too friendly!

Gonna miss seeing you this year!

adrianne + will said...

The bra story had me laughing out loud when you got to the stickers. Oh my! Too hilarious!

That's madness about people using your back yard and patio! That's just not right!