Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nella's Story

Amy sent me a link here. It is the wonderful, tear jerking, story of the birth of Nella. I read the story...wiped my eyes and kept reading. Because who can stop reading when someone is willing to put themselves out there as much as Kelle did when writing about the experience of her daughter's birthday. I read the whole blog. All 2.5+ years of this woman's life. It was like finding a book series you love, going out and buying every book in the series, then staying up all night to read the whole thing. The best part? She keeps writing more. I don't get the sad feeling like when I finish a series knowing that I will never get to escape with those characters ever again in a new adventure. Kelle keeps writing and adding more characters as time goes by.

While reading her latest post today I really feel like she summarized why I am the way I am. I have ALWAYS been sarcastic. I have always had a little smart-ass response to people. When I am grumpy, my sarcasm has a mean bite to it and I seem to be able to hit people where it will hurt them the most.

Kelle says, "In the midst of my pain and sadness in life, my sarcasm often brews. I usually don't mean what I say, but I say it because it feels good and the wit it takes to concoct something halfway funny and caustic distracts the part of my brain that feels pain. And because I'm sad, I usually don't feel guilty for biting satire."

Well, in an effort to curb my sarcasm, at least a little, Kelle has inspired me to get the following book:
Perhaps with 14,000 things at my disposal, I can find more to be happy about.
After all, I believe it was Pollyanna who said, "If you look for the good in people, surely you will find it." (Even though in the movie the quote was attributed to Abraham Lincoln, he never actually said it. The movie writers just needed to attach someone to the quote to give it more meaning than if Polly's dad just said it.)

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