Friday, March 19, 2010


I cannot believe it. I have been blind-sided day after day after day. I routinely follow about 23 blogs. I have them all categorized on my Bookmarks and I just click the little "Open All" button. As they open, if the most recent post is old, I click the little x to close the screen. I am sure there is a more efficient way of checking for new blog entries, but this way works for me.
Anyway, over the past...maybe two weeks... I have been struck again and again by some news from SIX of the different blogs I follow. I don't know these people in real life, well I know one of them in real life, but I haven't talked to her since cheer-leading in high school...but that is beside the point.
Guess what they all have in common.
Go on guess...
They are ALL expecting. ALL OF THEM! Not just one here and one there... but one here, there, there, there, there, and there. And that doesn't even count this one who was pregnant when I began following her blog.
I am actually kinda surprised because after the initial feeling of being punched in the stomach, the feeling has gone away because I like these people. Of course, I don't know them, but reading about people's lives makes me feel like I know them. I know they are loving parents to the children they have, I know they are calling their new fetuses "blessings" and will treat them that way when they arrive into the world, and I know they will love and adore their babies when they are born. That makes it easier. That and AF is late. Of course, I am really crampy and bloated so it could literally just be one day late...but who knows....maybe my blog will make it SEVEN. :o)

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