Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christmas in March

This weekend was the beginning of Spring Break! We welcomed Spring Break by getting a visit from Sparky's brother, sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew. It was great to see them all. It was rainy and gloomy but we headed out to show them Nashville and the college campus anyway.
While in Nashville we found the best toy store EVER, and I have wanted to go back a couple of times since then...
Because Sparky and I got married in December, the week of Christmas, our family Christmas celebrations were not on any normal schedule. We went to my parents house quickly one evening, I exchanged gifts with my sister one weekend, and Sparky's parents while we were in Florida (I think). We couldn't come up with any time to meet with his brother and his family. They live in Kalamazoo, Michigan so it is not like we can just hop over there for dinner. It is 5 hours away.
While they were down here I gave them their Christmas presents!
I think Bella really likes her "Sophie" the giraffe from Land of Nod:
Levi loved his Tinker Toys, also from The Land of Nod:
And Nyah loved the diaper bag I got her from Pottery Barn Kids:
We also got Kristen a personalized necklace from Etsy and David got a camel-back from Oakley.

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