Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's in a name...

Holy cow. Now I see why people keep their maiden names forever!!! Had I not been soooo excited to get rid of "Smith" I would have just kept it.
Today I decided it was Name Change Day.
I began by standing in line for an hour at the BMV to get a new driver's license. I am sooo glad I just updated my license recently so I did not have to go through the Secure ID junk that everyone else there was forced to do. **Just for your sanity later- if you need to renew your license from now on you need to take the following:
1. Either your birth certificate or US passport.
2. Two forms that have your official in state address such as a bill, pay stub, etc.
3. Social Security card or something containing your SS number.
I would say a majority of the people there did not have the new required documents so they got to stand in line for an hour, go home to collect more paperwork, and then go back to stand in line for another hour. Luckily, I did not have to do that ;o)

Then I stopped by the administration office for my school corporation to get my insurance, beneficiaries, and payroll changed. That went flawlessly since the woman who works there in HR is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Her name is Sandy.

I got home and decided I should probably change my bank info since my checks were going to be written out to Sarah Scranton instead of Sarah Smith. Wow. That was really annoying. I have nearly everything through one bank, savings account, checking account, credit card, car insurance, home insurance, etc. Well, apparently they don't have a nice way to change my name on everything. I had to talk to a different person for each account type. It was very annoying, but the people were all very friendly and congratulatory about my recent marriage. They also were kind enough to keep switching me to the next person I needed to talk to so I only had to call once then repeat myself to each individual.

Now, all I have left is: Pottery Barn, Voter registration, mortgage company, electric company, gas company, water company, U-verse, verizon, home owner's association, and all of my doctors. I should have kept Smith.

On the bright side... there is something here today in Indiana that I was beginning to think was just an old fable. THE SUN IS SHINING!!! Let me tell ya, I needed it to come out. Enough with being inside, I am going to go sit in the sun and let it soak into my poor sun-deprived body.

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