Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being Content

I hate words that mean different things based on the context in which they are used... such as the word content. It can either mean the content contained within something such as a "table of contents" or a state of being. Today I am referring to the state of being.
Sparky and I went to church today on this lovely Palm Sunday. I wondered where the name "Palm Sunday" came from, so here you go:
According to the Gospels, before entering Jerusalem, Jesus was staying at Bethany and Bethphage, and the   Gospel of John adds that he had dinner with Lazarus, and his sisters Mary and Martha. While there, Jesus sent two disciples to the village over against them, in order to retrieve a donkey that had been tied up but never been ridden, and to say, if questioned, that the donkey was needed by the Lord but would be returned. Jesus then rode the donkey into Jerusalem, with the Synoptics adding that the disciples had first put their cloaks on it, so as to make it more comfortable. The Gospels go on to recount how Jesus rode into Jerusalem, and how the people there lay down their cloaks in front of him, and also lay down small branches of trees. The people sang part of Psalm 118 - ...Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father, David. ... (Psalms 118:25-26). Where this entry took place is unspecified; some scholars argue that the Golden Gate is the likely location, since that was where it was believed the Jewish messiah would enter Jerusalem; other scholars think that an entrance to the south, which had stairs leading directly to the Temple, would be more likely (Kilgallen 210).
 Anywho... the message today was about being content. I really cannot explain the message without butchering what Tom had to day, so as soon as our church's website has the audio file uploaded, I will post it here so everyone can hear it.
You know those days when the sermon at church seems to be written just for you? Today was one of those days. I need a big dose of contentment. I began a gratitude journal last week and am working on being happy with what I have instead of being annoyed with what I have to do (master's degree work, bills, clean, diet) and regretting what I don't have (baby).

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