Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Between looking for light fixtures, going to the farm house, and doing my homework for my master's degree... there wasn't too much time left for relaxing.
My in-laws don't have the internet. It is crazy. And, even crazier, none of their neighbors had a wireless signal that I could steal. :o(
I drove to the nearest Starbucks hoping to enjoy some free wi-fi. Um... apparently it isn't free. What the... They charged me $4 to use the internet for two hours. Then I couldn't remember my screen name for the online program because it is saved on my desktop at home. Ugh.
I ended up walking to the public library nearly every day I was there to work on this huge group project I had to complete and submit.
*Side vent- why on earth would an online program assign GROUP projects? We are scattered across Indiana and the Mid-West (which should really be called the Mid-East, but that is a different rant). Very annoying.

On my many walks to and from the library I learned that I love being able to walk to everything in town. Auburn is kinda like Maybury, without the police. You can walk to the bank, the library, to restaurants, the laundry mat, shopping, etc. The only thing that requires a car is the grocery store or Starbucks. Pretty cool.
Then, just to make it better, they added these cool statues just for our visit!
When we were in Sarasota there was this wonderful statue of the sailor kissing the nurse after WWII.

Auburn had a similar one from a different picture.

Pretty good copy in 3-D, huh? I didn't even know that I was getting the statue at the right angle either! I was just standing on the corner like an idiot in the rain taking a picture.
There is only one huge one, but there are 13 life-sized statues around town. Not all of them were there yet when we left. There was a man reading a book, a lady walking a dog, two kids with a rabbit (see below) and a woman painting a picture (see below).

The detail is amazing! I could even see the stitches on the man's trench coat. Too bad his face is bronze. It makes him look like an alien.

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