Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have taken a little blogging hiatus. Not intentionally. Sparky and I weren't doing anything very interesting, then suddenly BAM!!! We had thing after thing to do followed by going out of town for a week. In order to save everyone from having to read a large chunk of text all at once (this is summer after all) I will be making several posts today for each particular event.

That said... I will also provide you with a little update on my fertility treatment. My cycle started on Friday, so cycle day three was on Sunday. This was the day I took my first clomid pill. Other than having a shorter period, I haven't really noticed any side effects. On Friday I will begin taking the Estradiol pill. I have an appointment to get an ultrasound of my ovaries on Thursday the 24th to see how the hormones have been working for me. Hopefully, I will have some nice little follicles ready to be released from my ovaries. I am a little concerned that we have not checked the "male factor" in all of this. When I go for my appointment I am going to ask about that. I don't even know who would test that or where to send Sparky to get it done. I have a feeling that we both have issues. I am sure that he will love that I am sharing this with the world, but he has low testosterone (at least we think he does, he has the symptoms from the commercial on TV).
The laundry buzzer just went off, time to fold some laundry before the next 75 posts today!

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