Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Trip to the Vet

Animal and Amelia were supposed to go to the veterinarian a week after I got them. So naturally, a month later I finally took them there.
We got the same wonderful vet that put Gaby to sleep. She is great! I am not going to tell you her name just in case you want to steal her away. Animal and Amelia had quite an interesting time.
I carried them both in, inside of the kennel the shelter gave us when we got them. Since they didn't know what to expect they weren't too bad.
She first did their regular check up stuff. Apparently Amelia has sloppy knees and may require knee surgery. Um... I don't know about that. Can't she just get some little puppy-sized knee braces or something? I just don't feel like shelling out lots of money for knee surgery for my DOG. Sparky's knee surgery was just paid off. Maybe they can give us a group discount.
Then she moved onto Animal. Just about as soon as she put the stethoscope to his little chest she says, "He has a heart murmur." OoooKay. What does that mean? He can't play sports? I had only really heard of heart murmurs when doing our annual physicals for sports in high school.
Does he need heart surgery? Perhaps a little pace maker? Should I get a small AED?
She told me that on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the worst, his is about a 2. That is good. But I still need to take him to an animal cardiologist. I didn't even know they existed. I am sure that will be cheap.
They will do whatever they do (EKG or whatever) to look at the chambers of his heart and determine what to do next. She thinks it will basically just mean that when he becomes an adult he will have to take heart medicine for the rest of his life to prevent cardiac disease. My poor little baby boy. No wonder he is so delicate. His heart is broken. Literally.
I can't help but include a picture showing the true terror on their little faces while they waited on the cold medical table (look at Amelia's eyes!):

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