Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AUGH!!!!! Indians!!!

Don't worry, they are just minor league baseball players, not the kind that collect scalps.
I believe the beginning of Sparky and my activity extravaganza began when the principal of one of our local high schools, and friend of Sparky, called about two extra tickets he had for a baseball game.
Hmm.... difficult decision. Go to a baseball game in Indy and get out of the house for a while...or stay in town and stay at home while Sparky goes to the local speedway to watch the colorful people drive in circles on the dirt track. Guess which one I picked.
So, we went to Sparky's friend's house and he drove us all up to Indy along with one of his assistant principals. Apparently the principal got these tickets for free as a "thank you" from the Red Cross for allowing them to do a blood drive at his school. I think since the tickets were for a school activity he wanted to take school people with him... hence the assistant principal, sparky (who works at the high school), and me (who at least works in a school in the district). We had excellent seats right behind home plate.
Here is the guy who took us. He is kinda hiding behind his asst. principal:

And to prove that Sparky and I really were there and I didn't just get some random photos from the internet:

We went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner before the game. It was delicious. Then after the game the Indianapolis Indians had fireworks! I wasn't expecting anything too extravagant, I was pleasantly surprised. They were pretty good. They don't hold a candle to Disney's fireworks, but really--what can? I was even able to try out the cool "fireworks" setting on my camera!

Pretty good way to kick off the summer!

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