Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Over the River and Through the Cornfields, to Grandmother's House we Go!

We left for Auburn pretty much straight from the vet. I came home, packed up our stuff, packed up the car, and we headed out.
Several uneventful hours later, we arrived. Traveling with two puppies who don't understand how to pee outside requires a lot of crap. We set up a little area for Animal and Amelia in the in-law's living room. They have a wonderful 100-year-old Victorian-style house. The formal sitting room has pocket french doors to block the room off from the rest of the house when you are entertaining fine company... or 100 years later when the family comes back home with some puppies to wrangle.
We pulled the two doors half way out and created a make-shift gate out of an old wooden "creeper." For those of you who don't live with an automotive junkie like myself... a creeper is that little thing with wheels that you can lay on and scoot underneath a car on without getting all dirty from the ground.

They are getting so big!!!
Sparky and I sleep on two couches while visiting his parents. I really don't mind all that much because the couches are comfortable, and I have to remind myself that it isn't normal. Sparky's dad has a little hoarding problem. I can't decide if it is really hoarding, or collecting... the jury is out. He has quite a "collection" filling up the wonderful guest room and comfortable bed that we could have slept in. For some reason, he refuses to move the collection or clean up the room. It is rather annoying, but I have never had a room there as a guest (other than the living room) so I don't really know any different.
Sparky's mom waited up for us to get there and we all went to bed late. Unfortunately, due to a long car ride spent sleeping, and the excitement of a new place, the puppies kept Sparky up all night with their explorations.
Here they are trying to catch up on some sleep in the morning.

Mark's mom and I spent the entire first day buying new overhead lights for another house they own. It caught on fire while they were vacationing in Florida during the winter. Now the place is being overhauled due to the extreme fire and smoke damage.
The place looks great. They got an all new kitchen, knocked out a wall, rebuilt both sets of stairs and I can see a lot of potential. I am trying to convince them to move to the farm house when it is done because it has an entire upstairs Sparky and I could have as a guest room when visiting!!!

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