Monday, December 28, 2009

"Big Daddy" Don Garlits Drag Racing Hall of Fame Museum

On Saturday we did absolutely nothing. It was gloomy out and I had on my grumpy pants. It was too cold for the beach. The museums we wanted to go to were too far away for what time we finally looked them up, blah, blah, blah.

Sunday was the day Sparky has been looking forward to the most. We got up early-ish (for Sparky, not for normal people) and headed toward Ocala, Florida. What is in Ocala? I am so glad you asked.
Big Daddy Don Garlits Drag Racing Hall of Fame Museum! That is a mouthful.  I don't really see what is so cool about it. But I don't like drag racing. They just go straight really fast. Big deal.
Sparky loves it. I think he likes the mechanics behind building the drag racing cars more than anything else so he had me take lots of pictures. I don't know what the significance of each picture is, so I will just add them all. Maybe someday he will tell you how cool each photo is. Until then, you can just sit there and imagine how much fun I had yesterday.
Here is a motorcycle that goes fast in a straight line. 
This is the Swamp Rat III, so the sign says.
I think this sign about the Swamp Rat VII goes with the photo below it. But I am not sure.
This car is pink so I had my picture taken next to it. :o)
 Look, they named this one "The Black Car."
You can just read the plaque on this one.

I don't know what these next few photos are for. They are probably really cool. Take a close look!
Here we have a cool helmet worn by someone called "snake" I think.
Ooo! Now this car is neat. It had a body built by Jocko. I don't think that is the same Jocko as Michael Jackson, though. Or was Micheal Jackson Jacko?
These are two special engines. They are big. And probably loud.
I don't remember why this one was cool. But it was. 
This car has the engine installed sideways. I guess it was revolutionary. 
This car has Sparky standing in front of it. I like it the best. 
Here is Big Daddy Don Garlits helmet. Apparently he is also called "Swamp Rat." He should have made that part of the name of the museum.
I actually like this car. I would drive it if I could. I don't know where I would put groceries, but that is okay.

This car was so revolutionary and ahead of its time that it went too fast and the NHRA had to ban single finned thinggys.
This gas tank exploded. I bet it made quite a flame.

After we left Big Daddy Swamp Rat Don Garlits Drag Racing Hall of Fame Museum and House of Cool Stuff we passed a billboard for Swamp Boat tours. So we followed the signs. Unfortunately, the place was closed because it was Sunday so we will have to go to some other swamp boat tour some other day.

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