Friday, December 25, 2009

Our First Christmas

We woke up this morning and it didn't really feel Christmas-ey. I got up and read my book and ate some breakfast. Sparky slept in. I did not work out. I decided I cannot work out in the morning. I found that I didn't want to get up this morning like I normally do because I didn't want to work out. I think I need to modify my plan so that I exercise in the afternoon after school. I would "like" to join jazzersize and stop by there on my way home after school. We will see...
Sparky said the Gaby Claus came at night and licked us before going on his merry way. I don't know about that. I think Gaby Claus would curl up in a ball and go to sleep.
I tried to take some pictures of Sparky and I on our first Christmas morning. This was the best one.

Let's try again in front of some palm trees on our porch. Sigh. I have no idea why Sparky's face looks so ruddy here. It isn't in real life. But he was being silly. 

Sparky and I went to his parent's rental house for a late lunch/early dinner meal. We left around 1:00, got there around 2:00, and waited for friends of Sparky's parents until about 3:30. While we waited we went on a tour of the little neighborhood and stopped to feed the turtles. While we were feeding them, these huge ugly birds swooped in and tried to steal our food.

ugly bird.

So we attempted to feed the turtles and the birds kept creeping closer. And closer.

So I thought I would try to scare away the huge birds by "flying" at them. The picture doesn't do the action justice and unfortunately it doesn't have audio. I was pretty loud.

Things calmed down for just a little while.

Then Sparky decided it would be fun to share with the birds as well as the turtles. They swarmed from everywhere. I have never seen so many birds flying around one person in my life. I ran away. Here you can see Sparky running away from the birds as they swoop toward him. And this is with his bad knee.

We had a wonderful lunch/dinner. About the same time we finished eating the sun was just beginning to set, so we piled into the cars and headed to Siesta Key Beach to watch the sunset. Here are Sparky and I with our first Christmas sunset.

All in all, I would say we had a pretty good Christmas.
Happy birthday Jesus.

Godstop: gobs of turtles looking up at us; sunset and amazing waves; great company for Christmas while away from home.  

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