Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 isn't too much different from day 1. We better start doing more interesting things or no one is going to read this, including me.
I got up early and ate cake for breakfast while Sparky slept in. I updated the blog (finally). Then we went out to eat lunch at this Gyro place we found. Sparky's food was good, mine wasn't.
We headed over to his parent's place to get my purse. They weren't home. Great.
We decided to go to St. Armond's Circle to do a little shopping while we waited for them to get back home. We did a lot of window shopping, but didn't actually buy anything. If you have ever  been there, you would know why. We are both teachers. Going to the outlet mall is a big deal for us. Places like Tommy Bahama and Lilly Pulitzer, while adorable, are too expensive for our wallets. But if I could I would love to wear this:

And dress my future daughter in this:

Well, Sparky's parents called us back to let us know that they went to St. Petersburg for he day and they hid a key for us. So we went back to their place, found the key, and rescued my purse. Ahhh. What a relief. I felt so naked without it.
Sparky and I went to the beach while the weather was good then we split a cheeseburger and each got a shake at the Hob Nob. It was okay. Nothing to write home about, but Sparky loves it.
We tried to find some great shopping places while we were out this evening, but nothing really struck me as wonderful so we ended up coming back to the hotel. Sparky got a new Moto GP DVD today and he is watching it while I type here. I think I can hear the ginormous jacuzzi calling my name so I better go see what it wants!!

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Anonymous said...

Did you use one of the starfish bath fizzies??