Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pink Roses

After my horrendous day yesterday I was not looking forward to going to school today. I wanted to stay in bed and watch Marry Poppins in my jammies. Especially knowing that we were going to have 18 substitute teachers in the building today (we only have 20 some teachers), it was a full moon, and the barometric pressure changed with the rain. It is amazing how many old wives tales are proven true when you teach.
I walked into my classroom, decided I didn't want to hang out in there, and wondered around the halls drinking my coffee in search of some adult conversation before my kid time began. When I walked back to my classroom I noticed a child was there early. I walked in and said, "Hello" He pointed at my desk. You would not believe what I saw. Well... actually you probably will, considering the name of the post.

He bought me pink roses and a card that said, "Thinking of you." He told me that he felt really bad for me about having a hole in my ceiling and he knew I was sad. He said he wanted me to feel better so he had his mom take him to the store and get some flowers. Then they went to Goodwill to get a vase. He picked one with a pink ribbon on it, special for me. He found a card and signed his name in it.

What an amazing kid. He is going to make some woman very happy some day. Another teacher came into my room later today and saw them. His gesture actually brought tears to her eyes. I absolutely love my class this year. The kids truly love me and care about me. I don't care that sometimes they get a little wild, and there are a few that really get under my skin, because it makes me appreciate the acts of kindness so much more.

I think I am going to have this kid call Sparky for me tomorrow to let him know how to treat a lady. Sparky has never gotten me flowers without dirt attached to the bottom (that way I can plant them and they last longer...or something like that).


Anonymous said...

OK - that brought tears to my eyes. What a sweetie!

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