Tuesday, April 20, 2010

101 in 1001

(Image taken from lovefromtexas.com)

I have seen this on a couple different blogs that I follow and I really like the idea! These are all things I plan on doing anyway, but I think having the goals organized like this really helps me to stop thinking about them as much, and helps me prioritize my time. As you can see, I had a lot on my mind!! I have organized them into groups to help me locate specific goals faster.
Items in pink have been completed and will have the date completed next to it in parenthesis. Items in italic are in progress
Items in regular black font have not only been contemplated in my mind, so far.

1. Have a baby :o)
2. Start Weight Watchers or another weight loss plan (and stick to it)
3. Lose 20+ lbs.
4. Work out at least 5 days a week (for 1 month; ideally a life change)
5. Run a mile without stopping
6. Go to a Pick Your Own Fruit farm
7. Eat only hormone free/organic meat, dairy, poultry (for 1 month; ideally a life change)
8. Quit drinking soda and sugary drinks (for 1 month; ideally a life change)
9. Find a natural face cleaner that works for me
10. Take daily vitamins
11. Switch to all natural cleaning products (4/22/10- Earth Day! Shaklee's Get Clean kit arrived)
12. Set up an all encompassing (school & home) calendar (5/6/10- on iPad)
13. Get wedding photos & put into frames
14. Put landscape stones in the garden
15. Plant some more flowers in the garden
16. Remember to plant bulbs in the fall
17. Paint guest room
18. Frame old Time magazines of Jackie Kennedy and hang in guest room
19. Learn a good yeast roll recipe
20. Advance from FLYbaby to finally FLYing!
21. Have people over for a party
22. Start an annual tradition with friends (taking suggestions- Halloween party, ugly Christmas sweater party, end of school year party, Valentine's Day ladies brunch, etc.)
23. Buy a home without an HOA with land for Sparky to have a metal shop
24. Start a prayer journal (write at least 20 days per month for 1 month; ideally life)
25. Make/buy ornaments for Jesse Tree: days 1-5 (1/5)
26. Make/buy ornaments for Jesse Tree: days 6-10 (0/5)
27. Make/buy ornaments for Jesse Tree: days 11-15 (0/5)
28. Make/buy ornaments for Jesse Tree: days 16-20 (0/5)
29. Make/buy ornaments for Jesse Tree: days 21-25 (0/5)
30. Read the Bible cover to cover
31. Join a Wednesday small group at church
32. Go on a Christian retreat
33. Commit 20 Bible verses to memory (0/20)
34. Read Beth Moore’s books- So Long Insecurity
35. Read Beth Moore’s books- Praying God’s Word
36. Read Beth Moore’s books- Get Out of That Pit
37. Read Beth Moore’s books-Esther
38. Read Beth Moore’s books- Looking Up When Life is Looking Down
39. Read Beth Moore’s books- Breaking Free
40. Read Beth Moore’s books- Living Beyond Yourself
41. Read Beth Moore’s books- When Godly People Do Ungodly Things
42. Read Beth Moore’s books- Daniel
43. Read Beth Moore’s books- Jesus
44. Read Beth Moore’s books- A Heart Like His
45. Read Beth Moore’s books- Believing God
46. Read Beth Moore’s books-Stepping Up
47. Read Beth Moore’s books- A Woman’s Heart
48. Read Beth Moore’s books- Things Pondered
49. Read Beth Moore’s books- David
50. Read Beth Moore’s books- Jesus the One and Only
51. Read Beth Moore’s books- Feathers from My Nest
52. Read Beth Moore’s books- Voices of the Faithful
53. Read Beth Moore’s books- The Beloved Disciple (John)
54. Read Beth Moore’s books- To Live is Christ
55. Go to church every Sunday possible
56. Create budget via Dave Ramsey
57. Learn how to use coupons well
58. Cook 5 nights a week
59. Learn how to plan menus
60. Set up retirement
61. Buy an embroidery machine Used money to buy an iPad (5/6/10)
62. Buy Photoshop
63. If Goal #1 is achieved: have maternity photos taken
64. Make scrapbook/photo book for each year married (0/3)
65. Buy a Fire Safe box for important documents
66. Get external hard drive or explore options for saving photos
67. Get my picture taken in a photo booth
68. Go to flea markets
69. Buy a pair of designer jeans (after goal weight)
70. Trade in my car
71. Learn how to appliqué with machine Learned how to download apps with iPad (5/6/10)
72. Sew a quilt
73. Learn how to smock a dress
74. Learn how to make hair bows
75. Plant a vegetable garden
76. Make yearly Christmas picture frames (0/3)
77. Convert a low dresser into a frame for a bed
78. Make a jewelry frame
79. Scan in all old photos
80. Blog daily
81. Go to the circus
82. Get my master’s degree
83. Publish a book (with Sparky)
84. Learn HTML so I can create my own website without blogger
85. Take Photoshop class
86. Take digital photography class
87. Have a weekly date night with Sparky
88. Finish changing my name on everything (bills, magazines, college degrees…)
89. See a movie at the drive in
90. Go to Mackinac Island on vacation
91. Go to Las Vegas
92. Go to the Grand Canyon
93. Finish Wedding Thank You cards (oops!)
94. Take Sparky to see a play at the IU Auditorium
95. Begin praying together daily (at night)
96. Begin praying together before meals
97. Take dinner to someone after they have surgery or have a baby
98. Donate to Air 1
99. Implement one new Kagan Cooperative Learning Structure/brain break into my classroom each week (0/60)
100. Send birthday cards via mail
101. Create a system for communicating positive messages about students to parents

I will update this periodically to see how I do! I suppose if I could today as my official begin day... well someone else can do the math. 1001 days from now is 2.74 years from now. I have no idea what date that is, nor do I have the desire to count the days on a calendar. If you would like to figure it out for me, let me know!

**Edited to post ending date: January 15, 2013
I used this to figure it out quickly ;o)


Anonymous said...

Impressed that you got all those goals down in writing. I am doing good to get my goals down for the next 11 days! After that I may start looking ahead and trying to make bigger goals.
Reading your goals, though, I realized that we have several of the same ones. Maybe we should work together on some of them. Let me know if you are interested and I will pass on some of the blogs that I follow regarding said goals.

Sarah said...

sounds great!

Hootie said...

Impressive! I can only focus on today...to think ahead! :)

Great goals, although I'm not familiar with one of the writers you mentioned. Still, to have time to read a book...even one...that would be nice!

Smiles to you! :)