Saturday, April 24, 2010


I am debating whether or not to post a picture of my foot... I may spare you all. Then again, I may not! I am posting several photos throughout so you can clearly see the pain and suffering I so bravely endured. Don't mind the callus on the big toe, I need a pedicure. Also, the lovely scar in the middle of the top of my foot is for a horrible wart experience in kindergarten, but that is another story.

Back story- I decided a wonderful way to lose weight would be to workout. I thought the best method would be to work out every day for a period of days until it became a habit (the plan was working too). I went to Jazzercise Monday and Tuesday but the class on Wednesday is only 30 minutes long instead of an hour so I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful weather and go walking on the Clear Creek Trail.
I successfully convinced my mom to go along with me on the walk and all was going well. We walked pretty far, I wore a pedometer on our walk and it said we took about 8,000 steps (using the estimate that 2000 steps equal a mile, we must have walked about 4 miles). Anywho... on our way back to the car my feet really started to hurt me. I wore some horrible old shoes (now on their way to the garbage) and I could feel blisters forming on my little feet.
I went home, kicked off my shoes, raised my feet, and refused to put them back down on the floor.

Thursday I got up and put a band-aid on my little blister (although it felt massive and like there were ten of them, apparently there was only really one). I went to school and all was well. I decided not to go to Jazzercise to give my little paw time to heal.
I don't remember if I drained the blister on Wednesday evening or Thursday evening, but I am thinking it was Thursday. I just cut a small slit in the blister to allow the water-stuff out. Ahhh- sweet relief.

That brings us to Friday. I did not place a band-aid on my foot this day because it looked like it was getting better. I put on nice, extra comfey, shoes and went to school. My foot was fine. Until after math class. Then, suddenly, my foot really started hurting. It hurt so badly, I took off my shoe and sock in front of my entire class. They were rather grossed out.
My foot looked like I had a bruise under the blister (which had re-filled with liquid and really hurt). It was warm to the touch and EXTREMELY tender.

I could barely push the gas pedal with my foot on the way home. For the brake, I used my left foot to be safe.
Sparky and I debated on whether we should drain the blister again. My mom said I should. I did. Then we applied Triple Antibiotic Ointment to the wound and covered it with a band-aid. I put it on an ice pack because it was throbbing so much.

That brings us to today. I pretty much have kept off my foot. Because I cannot put any weight on it. After my bath this evening I sat down with my medical supplies to re-evaluate the situation. I cut a small portion of the blister open again to get out some remaining liquid. To my surprise what came out was not the normal watery stuff--it was pus.

Web-Md tells me that I have a skin abscess. This sounds horrible, especially to me. After working in my dad's dental office, I have had several encounters with people who have dental abscesses and they require drilling, shots, and antibiotics. Yuck!

I am going to call Dr. Dad tomorrow morning to see what I need to do now that I know what I think is wrong with my appendage. (Current symptoms: pus drainage, pain, redness, swelling, warm to the touch. No red streak leaving wound site.)

Kim thinks there was a lot of fuss about nothing. Clearly, the photographic evidence shows otherwise. It is a miracle I survived. Did you see that blister? The underlying redness? The hole cut to release the pressure?  I am just glad I lived to tell the tale.

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