Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today Sparky and I got up and ready for church. I made him get up a little earlier than normal because Easter Sunday is one of the most popular times to go to church. We wanted to get good seats. Church begins at 11:00, so you can imagine my surprise when we got into the car and the clock said 9:45. Well, that was a little earlier than I had been planning to leave to make the 11:00 service, since the church building is about one minute's drive away from my house.

I had somehow managed to accidentally change the time on the clock by my bed, so we got up an hour early. So we headed to McDonald's for some Sparky-pleasing breakfast. My Mom's entire extended family goes to McDonald's for breakfast every Sunday after 8:00 mass at church, so we got to visit with family before church this morning.

They played this at church today and I thought it was really good, although it might have been even better had it played at a service on Friday... but we don't have those at my church so I guess I will take what I can get!

After church, Sparky and I stopped by the house to get Gaby dressed in his Easter outfit and to grab the Easter basket I got for my mom. She made a great Eater Dinner (apparently a nice lunch is called dinner) then took the dogs out to hunt for Easter eggs!

I found some plastic eggs with two little holes on each end so the dogs could smell what was inside. Then I put a dog treat inside each egg and "hid" them around my mom's garden.
Sparky followed behind Gaby with a little basket to collect the eggs he sniffed out.

Sparky was soon bored with his job.

Gaby was not too good at finding the eggs. But he found some of them with direction.

The grandparents were thrilled beyond containment, especially my mom:
My sister thought I was just as nuts as my mom did:
But on the bright side, Gaby and Ace (my sister's dog) finally put their differences aside and got along for the hunt:

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