Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stupid Luteal Phase

The title says it all. I started my dumb period. No implantation bleeding for me. This means my luteal phase is only 8 days long. That is WAY too short to give my little eggs time to implant. Ever. This really, really sucks.
I am thinking I should probably chart all of this for another month then go ahead and call my Dr. to figure something out. Since luteal phase length does not really vary from month to month, I shouldn't need too much proof of its shortness. Also, every period I have causes more and more scar tissue to build up in my abdomen making fertility odds worse and worse. So much fun!!
I am assuming that the doctor will put me on a progesterone supplement to try and increase my luteal phase length to at least 10 days, but who knows.
Have I mentioned how much I hate my period? I really hate it.
Ok, pitty party is over.

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