Friday, April 30, 2010

Some good news...

... I have a job. I don't know which school I will be teaching in, or what grade... but I will be teaching somewhere. That means I will have an income! YAY! This is very good since I am getting my Master's Degree and I need money to keep paying for my classes!
I really wanted to get an embroidery machine, but the local store is quoting a very high price and I just feel like I am getting ripped off. I think I need to go to Indianapolis or Ft. Wayne to some larger sewing stores to get a better deal.

On another note, my dad got some awesome awards Thursday evening from the International Dental Association. He got one for being the IDA Honor Dentist for the South Central region of Indiana. This award was given to dentists who provide exceptional service to their components (I have no idea what that means, I copied it from the program). Speaking of copping from the program... the MC of the evening was horrid. Basically, he just read word-for-word what was written on the program. It was like being in one of those horrible college courses where the professor reads the entire syllabus to you on the first day of class. Not necessary. I can read. (Here is a photo of my dad with his murse [man purse]. Yes, he loves bags. He swears it isn't a murse, but I am not buying it. It has many, many pockets filled with stuff, a camera, and a long strap. Murse. Doesn't he look good for 66?)

My sister and went to the award ceremony to surprise my dad. He really didn't have the surprised reaction we were going for.He basically just looked at us like we were supposed to be there and it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Whatever.
Anyway, the first award he got wasn't the big deal. We went because the president of the IDA wanted to give my dad a special award for being his personal mentor. (Here you can barely see his blury figure behind the president. My dad was standing either right behind him or with the microphone covering his face the whole time. Lovely.)

He wanted to give credit to my dad for encouraging him to get involved with dental associations when he first became and dentist, ultimately encouraging him to become the president of the International Dental Association. Pretty big deal. I think the best part is that the day my dad got he invitation to receive this award, another dentist called the office just to thank my dad for being an encouraging mentor to him as well. It is really nice that he is getting some credit. I love my dad and I think he is amazing. Lord knows I certainly tested his patience growing up.

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