Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have a new favorite show.

9 By Design.
This show combines my favorite things. It was made for me. A show about a design couple who favor modern, clean, sleek lines (no chotkies). But here is the best part.... they have seven kids! That is right. Seven. I love it! My two loves. Children and design. Ahhh. Of course, their parenting "style" lacks a bit (as in they correctly refer to their youngest twins as 'terrors' but who made them that way? Can we say discipline?). Their children also have odd names. 12 year old Wolfgang (Wolfie), 10 year old twin girls Tallulah and Bellamy (I kinda like Bellamy's name), 8 year old Breaker (again, I kinda like Breaker's name), 4-year old twin boys Five (the number) and Holledar (Holly), then baby Major. I spent the first episode of the show trying to figure out why Holly was always dressed in boy clothes... until they referred to 'the boys.' Oh.
The oldest four children seem to be very well behaved and well rounded children. The twin boys are ridiculous. They need some strict discipline and structure. They scream, don't listen, and are WILD.
I absolutely love their style. They have great vision for taking horrible spaces and transforming them into sleek, shining new gems. This is definitely a show you should TiVo. Check out the Bravo channel and look for 9 by Design.

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