Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rant. Consider Yourself Warned.

WARNING: If you have nothing against teenage pregnancy, you should probably not read this.

My 19 year old cousin got his girl friend knocked up. Great. Nothing like having a cousin from a dysfunctional family to find some girl and get her knocked up while he works at a BBQ place making minimum wage. Wonderful.
She is having a baby shower tomorrow. You know what I would like to send? Condoms. And a pack of birth control.
My cousin lives with his dad. His girlfriend (I guess now his fiance, because that is just the natural next step) lives with her mom. They cannot even afford to move in together in some really cheep apartment, because they both make minimum wage.
I am clearly not going to go to the shower because, if you know me in real life, you know that I have a hard time biting my tongue. I am sure she would complain about being uncomfortable or mention the sleepless nights she will have and I will completely go off on her. Or she might mention how excited she is to have a fun little baby to dress up, and I will go off on her. Because babies are not just a fun little thing to have around to play with. Get a doll for that.
However, since my cousin's mom got me nice gifts for my recent wedding, I feel I should reciprocate by getting a present to send with someone who can  keep their thoughts to themselves. So I checked the registry.
Dumb, dumb, dumb idea.
The girl (I have never met her, she may be very nice) registered for fun, cute little pacifiers that say "stud muffin" and "mute button." These would be adorable things to register for if you were having a baby like God intended. If you are married, have planned and really want children, are financially able to care for a child... please, register for all the fun, cute stuff your heart desires! I know I will!
However, if you are a teenager who "accidentally" got pregnant you forgo all rights to have fun cute stuff on your registry. You are only allowed to register for boring practical shit. Like burp cloths, and cheap diapers. Even her practical stuff is top of the line. Instead of just asking for diapers, she wants the pure and natural organic huggies. Oh, and just four bumgenius cloth diapers. I am all for cloth. I plan on using it myself someday. But you need far more than four diapers to use them. You need about 24 (if you only want to launder ever 2 days). Ugh. I am sure I wouldn't even think twice about any of this if I approved of the pregnancy. And I know it is not my place to grant my approval. But I am not exactly rational and I don't really care. Like I said at the beginning, if you think teen pregnancy is fine... go elsewhere.

Also, I am out of my medicine. And one of my puppies (Amelia) peed on my down comforter. Ugh. I'll write something more cheery later. I'm off to buy a huge crate of generic non-organic diapers from Sam's Club for my cousin's baby.

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