Saturday, May 8, 2010

Overdue Post- Cinco de Mayo

     I totally meant to write another post the day after my "scoots" post. No one wants their most recent post to be about poo. No one. Apparently I have had a busy week!
     I am going to begin by going back to May 5th. Cinco de Mayo. This year marks the fifth year anniversary of our family friend, Barb, going to be with Jesus. It was painfully evident that it was time for her to go when she did. She was in so much pain from her colon cancer that all I can do is thank God she did not suffer in extreme pain for long. When she started to go downhill, she went quickly. Right after she passed I was fortunate enough to see the subtle smile on her face. I know she would have loved to stay here on Earth for a while longer to see her two daughters get married, see the birth of her granddaughter Raegan, and to meet all future grandchildren. Since she had to go, I am happy to know she is in a better place watching everything from above.
My mom sent me red carnations, Barb's favorite.
     To celebrate Cinco de Mayo (not Mexican independence day, but the celebration of the Mexican army's victory over the French in the battle at Puebla, Mexico in 1862). Strangely enough, this holiday is not celebrated anywhere in Mexico other than Puebla...yet we Americans celebrate it. Very odd. I guess the point of celebrating is because since the Battle of Puebla there has not been an attack on the Americas by any European military force.So to celebrate being American, Sparky and I did what all good Americans do on May 5th...we went to a Mexican restaurant! We went and ate at 6:00. Perfect timing. We had about a five minute wait. When we were leaving at about 7:30ish (we had to get fried ice cream) there were so many people there they spilled into the street.

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