Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, Hell must have frozen over...

because Sparky sent me flowers without dirt attached! He has brought home flowers for me several times. The first time, he brought free flowers left over from the HHCC plant sale that I could put in the garden. The second time, he brought home some tulips in a pot, so I could plant them later. {sigh}
But today he called a flower company and had them deliver a beautiful bouquet to my school. Love.
I was going to attach a picture of the little card that came with it, but I realize it says Sparky's real name. He would not like that and I may ruin further opportunities to receive flowers. :o)

As I was uploading these photos I found the very last pictures I ever took of Gaby. I thought I would include them here.

These two are of Gaby enjoying a dental bone I got for him at Kroger in a pack of 7. One for every day of the week. They were guaranteed to brush his teeth. They must have done a really good job because the vet commented about what wonderful shape his teeth were in. (The red is a "flavor strip" not blood)
This next one is Sparky's favorite. He (and Gaby) were playing with my iPad and this was their creation. Please note Gaby's excellent drawing skills in his self-portrait:

You may think I am horrible, but I have begun looking for puppies. Gaby brought so much love to my life and Sparky and I pretty much revolved around him. We are now orbiting around nothingness. I have found two pure-bred Lahsa Apso puppies that were born in an animal shelter from a poor dog that was rescued from a puppy mill. They are in Louisville. I have sent them an e-mail to see if they are still available to get this weekend. Here are some mug shots of my two favorite:
I REALLY love Pattycake. Not his name though. That will have to change. Sparky is rooting for Lucius (blegh) or Gaby 2.0. Gaby 2.0 is way too long and implies that he will have Gaby-like traits, which we cannot guarantee. I just need something snuggly to begin filling the Gaby shaped hole.

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Hootie said...

Beautiful flowers! In 23.5 years, I can count on three fingers the number of times I've received flowers without dirt from my DH. :) How nice to receive the flowers at school too!

The puppies look adorable! Can't wait to see how things work out on that front.

Smiles! :)